‘Drag’ Camp for Children Being Hosted at Seattle Museum


    “Led by local drag artist Joshua Hancock, ‘Summer Camp: the Art of Drag' has run for the past two summers at the West Coast city's Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP),” the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

    MoPOP's website provided a detailed description of the festival, scheduled for August 8-12  of this year.

    “Calling all current and future kings and queens! Explore self-expression in MoPOP's week-long, drag-tastic summer camp!” The site stated:

    Directed by Seattle actor Joshua Hancock, you'll investigate drag history and work alongside local talent to develop your own character. You'll pick your name, experiment with the techniques for hair and makeup, and create your character's performance skills. After the week, you can celebrate your new drag character's appearance by presenting a private show!

    In a social media posting from July 2021, the museum promoted this camp. It also posted pictures of the artists participating, who were wearing high-heels in green and another wearing white and pink hair.

    “Hancock has many years of experience in the field of theater as well as drag, burlesque and theater”, the museum site said, in addition to the fact that he “believes drag is for everyone, it is more than one thing, and can be used to heal, bring joy, sadness, and love to people. “

    The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) reported on a 15-year-old's first steps in creating his drag show when he was only 13 years old. Breitbart News reported on March 28:

    The essay is titled “Cherry West: From schoolboy Sam to drag teen,” the Wednesday essay starts with providing a description of teenager drag queen Sam Carlin, who uses the alter ego “Cherry West,” as an aspiring high school student who has been “dreaming of a flamboyant future” since his first introduction to”the “drag scene” at the young age of 10, which was when the young man “connected” with performing as an actress on the stage.

    When the boy expressed an interest in drag to his parents, they “encouraged” him to practice and then his sister showed him how to apply makeup.


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