Drag Queens Dance for Children at Dallas Pride Event


    The event, called “Drag the Kids to Pride,” was held at a pub called Mr. Misster’s in Dallas, Texas, where families were invited to attend along with their children.The announcement read:

    Mr. Misster's Drag the Kid to Pride Drag Show provides the ultimate experience for families who want to celebrate pride. The event's signature is a kid-friendly spin-off from the Champagne Drag Brunch, with our DJ Charlie Phresh playing some of the most popular songs. Nicole O'Hara Munro brings together the top drag performers around!

    The announcement also included an invitation to “young performers” to take the stage and perform alongside”the “Queens.”

    “Do you want to share the stage with the Queens? There are five slots for performers in the young age group to perform solo and with the Queen they choose! Enjoy a time in the company of Queens and experience this unforgettable event that is suitable for all guests!” it concluded.

    As the video insinuates the scene, it was nothing close to “family-friendly,” as drag queens danced and lip-synched while kids offered them cash to perform like in a strip club.


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