Dutch Farmers use Manure and Burning Hay to Block Roadways in Protest Against Globalist Climate Agenda


    The Netherlands was left scrambling trying to get rid of hundreds of roadblocks, composed of hay, manure and tires along with other rubbish piled along the roads by the supporters of the Dutch farmer protest movement. This is against the globalist-led government under Prime Minister Mark Rutte which is trying to impose severe EU-based regulations regarding nitrogen, potentially causing ‌30% of farms to vanish within the country.

    According to this report, there has been no intervention, despite a number of the blockades being set on fire. According to the public radio station Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS), the police spokesperson said that it would be hard to determine who has left the manure or any other trash on the highways in addition to the fact that the minister of public works would have the responsibility for clearing roads, so no action by the police would be taken.

    Tensions in the past have been heated following confrontations between police and farmers, with one police officer going so far as shoot a teen driving a tractor. Although the shots were not successful against the target, the use of deadly force was extensively criticized. On Wednesday, a Ministry of Agriculture spokesman condemned the latest wave of protests from farmers by saying: “Protesting is only allowed within the limits of the law. That is not this. This is also not the way to progress together,” also saying the government wants to see farmers to express their concerns about the climate objectives and work towards negotiations.

    A spokesperson for public works added that it's a “very undesirable situation,” declaring that it could be dangerous for drivers, “not just burning hay bales, but everything on the road that drivers have to swerve for.”

    The direct action has been greeted with some enthusiasm by drivers, with a reporter from RTV Oos claiming: “Some raise their thumbs. You see sympathy for the actions, but others shake their heads, because it does cause a lot of delay.”

    The protests are against the efforts of Mark Rutte's administration to put in place radical plans to cut the emissions of nitrogen from livestock by half by 2030 to meet objectives set out in the EU's Natura 2000 scheme, which requires member states to eliminate agriculture or industry from areas considered to be ecologically important.

    Rutte's administration has announced that to meet these targets, certain farms must reduce their carbon emissions by 95% and that 30% of the country's agricultural land must be closed completely despite the growing food crisis that has arisen from the conflict in Ukraine.

    The Dutch government has described the decision as an “unavoidable transition,” the farmers have claimed that they're being unfairly targeted since other EU member states haven't been as assertive in implementing the policies of Brussels.

    Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek spoke to Breitbart News Daily via SiriusXM earlier in the month and stated that her country is being utilized as a test location in the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, stating that “all these policies are out of those institutions and they are being implemented in our country first, we are sort of the pilot country together with Canada for this agenda.”

    Vlaardingerbroek claimed that having control over foods, the government will have “full control” over people's lives “if they can dictate what and when you can or cannot eat.” She also said that, “Wars have been started over less.”


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