Election Workers Reported More Than 1,000 “Hostile” Contacts in a Single Year


    Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. and 750 election workers and officials have shared their findings from Justice Department's Election Threats Task Force on Monday, after reviewing more than 1,000 contacts reported to be “hostile” or “harassing” by those who were in charge of elections.

    Around 11 percent of the events were considered to be eligible to warrant a federal criminal investigation. The press release explained, “While many of the contacts were often hostile, harassing, and abusive towards election officials, they did not include a threat of unlawful violence.”

    The investigation revealed that in the instances where someone was known, fifty percent of the time, the person contacted the victim several times and the total number of investigations that the task force conducted was less than five percent.

    There haven't been prosecutions involving multiple states, however the task force has charged four federal cases as well as another which was charged prior to the formation of the task force.

    The task force is expecting the possibility of more cases being charged in the near future.

    The task force determined that states with closer elections, also having post-election contests had received more threats.

    In addition, 58 percent of the potential criminal threats originated from states that were undergoing post-election litigation, recounts, and audits. This included states like Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Wisconsin.


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