Eric Greitens Accuses “Disgusting Cowards” Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell of Being Part of the Latest Smear Against Him


    This is the gist of what Eric Greitens, the former governor of Missouri, said in a video statement: “At the exact moment when the truth finally came to light after four years of false accusations that they're now pleading [for] a plea of guilt, they're making up new, ridiculous accusations in order to convince the press…of what's going to happen in the near future. I'd like to inform you straight away, Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell, I'm telling you now that you're disgusting cowards, and we're going to get you.”

    Earlier, Greitens's ex-wife, Sheena, had filed an affidavit accusing the former governor of being insensitive as well as “unstable.” The following day, Sheena Greitens issued a press release in which she claimed that she had never discussed the details of her affidavit with anyone other than her attorney prior to submitting it to the court.

    But Breitbart News reported on Thursday that GOP establishment advisor Karl Rove knew about the document's contents for nearly two weeks before Greitens’s ex-wife filed it. Rove, however, said he was not aware of this.

    Breitbart's Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle reported:

    Rove, who was the right-hand political advisor of former President George W. Bush and is now close to a number of prominent GOP donors, told a top confidante of GOP donors two weeks prior to when Sheena Greitens lodged her lawsuit with a state court of Missouri that something similar was coming, according to a donor-connected Republican who spoke to Breitbart News. In his response, Rove denied making the comments the person claimed he had made.

    In his announcement, Greitens noted these latest accusations against him all occurred within the same week. William Tisaby, a former FBI agent who was a prosecutor with a Soros-funded grant appointed to examine Greitens in 2018, pleaded guilty to a variety of crimes, including perjury and evidence manipulation.

    “So, I ask you, is it any coincidence that in this very week, in this very week, RINOs come out with a brand new set of wild accusations against me, which they claim are from four years ago?” Greitens said. “It's obviously nonsense.”

    Greitens added that his ex-wife's allegations were notarized in Washington, D.C., even though she currently lives in Texas. “Number one. All of these accusations [were] written, notarized and distributed to the press in Washington, DC, while I was with my boys.”

    Greitens later criticized Rove and other people who are close to Senator Mitch McConnell (R.KY) and McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund. One of Greitens’s most important arguments in his bid for a U.S. Senate seat is that he will vote against McConnell as the Senate Republican leader.

    “Number two, we now know that Karl Rove was directly involved in this, Karl Rove the mastermind of RINO dirty tricks,” he added. “And number three, we now know that they took all of these accusations and they handed them directly to people who work for Mitch McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund.”

    Greitens insists that the allegations against him, made within the past four years, weren't brought up in the mediation sessions two years ago, during which he reached a parenting agreement with his ex-wife. 

    What follows is a paraphrase of his remarks: “They're saying that these horrible events happened in the past four years. It's been two years ago [since] we put [together] our joint parenting plan. And this is what's included in the parenting plan. The parenting program that my…ex-wife, mediator, and the court were in agreement was best for the interest of my boys. And this is why the boys will spend the majority of their time with me… Just as the truth finally came to light after four years of false claims in which they've pleaded for a plea of guilty. They come up with new ridiculous accusations to allow the media to…and here's what's coming up. I'd like to inform…you straight away, Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell. Listen to me now. You are cowards who don't deserve to be there, and we're going after you. We're not going to let you just…attack me or assault my kids, but to destabilize our nation. This is exactly the way you're going. It's causing hardship for families across the country, by collaborating with the left to hitting Trump in the back… Trump with a knife in his back by stabbing the citizens [of] America [in] the back, and we're not willing to accept it any longer.

    “We know your lies, but we also know this. At the end of the day, truth prevails. And at the end of the day, courage is rooted in love,” Greitens concluded. “We have it, and we're going to beat your game of fear and nonsense, and we are taking our country back.”


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