Europe’s Green Agenda Standoff Causes Agriculture Minister to Resign


    The Minister of Agriculture for the Dutch government resigned as a result of the ongoing dispute with the nation’s farmers and the globalist green agenda of Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

    Henk Staghouwer, the Minister of Agriculture of the Netherlands, on Monday stated he thought that he was “not the right person” to lead the high-stakes talks between the government and the country's farming community that has protested plans to place a strict curb on nitrogen emissions to conform with the climate regulations of Brussels.

    “When I started as Minister of Agriculture I knew that the sector faces enormous challenges,” Staghouwer said. “I asked myself the question: am I the right person to lead the tasks that lie ahead as Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality? I came to the conclusion this past weekend that I am not that person. That’s why I’m stepping back.”

    The announcement was made just after Staghouwer came back from Brussels where he negotiated the termination to the EU exemption of the amount of manure that Dutch farmers can spread over their own land to improve the fertility of their fields. At present, only Denmark, Ireland, the Flanders region of Belgium, and the Netherlands are allowed to go over the EU limit of 170 kilograms per hectare.

    But, according to the terms that were negotiated by Staghouwer, the exemption will expire in 2026, possibly affecting up to 18,000 farms across the Netherlands that spread more manure in fields than other EU nations because of the country's large amount of peat and clay soil, which prevents animal waste from getting into groundwater as rapidly.

    Farms affected by the ruling will be eligible to apply for a grant of 10,000 euros, but Staghouwer admitted that this is not enough to cover the losses of their farms, adding the decision “is not a nice message” to farmers.

    In reaction to Staghouwer’s resignation, globalist Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated: “I respect his brave decision to step down from his duties and wish him every success in the future. Minister Carola Schouten is taking over his portfolio for the time being.”

    In a rebuke of the administration, Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders declared: “Rutte himself is the wrong man in the wrong place, who with his mismanagement completely destroys the Netherlands. The farmers are devastated, the land crammed with fortune seekers and the Dutch suffocate and will not get a cent in 2022 to pay their energy bills.”

    The conflict between the government and the farmers is mostly focused on the Brussels-led plan to reduce the emissions of nitrogen by 50 percent at the at the end of the decade and is likely to continue. In last week's discussions between the two sides, the government suprised the farmers' associations by saying that they will not be discussing changing the timeline to allow businesses more time to adapt.

    Whoever succeeds Staghouwer as the minister of agriculture will play a significant part in any future negotiations so some have called for the new minister to have a “farming background.” Staghouwer owned several bakeries before getting into politics. If a technocrat is appointed in his place, it will show that the government is not planning to compromise with farmers.


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