Exclusive — Jim Breuer on Refusing Vaccine Mandate Comedy Clubs: ‘I Will Never’ Be ‘Controlled’ by ‘Evil Agenda’


    Breuer described his refusal to perform at venues demanding patrons show proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a moral decision. He noted that other comedians and entertainers are fearful of challenging the apparatus of governmental and corporate control over people's movements being marketed as public health measures.

    “The reason they're scared is because they're worried they'll never work again,” Breuer stated. He added, “I'd rather work freely than to be scared to death, and worry about nonsense with no common sense, this dictator monster evil agenda to own all humanity, which, quite frankly, that's what it is.”

    Breuer emphasized the moral and philosophical foundations of his opposition to the use of corporate and government coercion against Americans via vaccine mandates.

    “I sleep well at night,” he said of his decision. “I tried to choose morals — doing the right thing — before making a dollar. I make the dollar when I need to. But I will never ever — and I pray to God no one else does, and they see it — to be controlled by what is going on.”

    He went on, “I will stand out with my boots to the end. I'm willing. I'm ready. I don't fear these animals. They're animals. They're demonic. They're evil. … It all comes down to an evil agenda.”

    The establishment corporate comedy and entertainment worlds are broadly corrupted and immoral, Breuer stated.

    He remarked, “I feel so liberated. But you have to understand something, I've been liberated my whole life. I left those worlds. I saw how demonic they were. I saw how there's no soul there. There's no right or wrong. It's just cut your throat, drink the blood, get on top of the mountain, no matter what.”

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