Exclusive: Rep. Roger Williams: Americans Don’t Want Wokeness in Sports


    Willams, who was a former college baseball player who was selected for the MLB ,and is now the manager for the Republican team, provided his take regarding “wokeness” infiltrating America's long-beloved hobbies.

    “Sports is a big thing in America. I have a baseball background and, you know, I'm upset when I see a lot of woke in anything, quite frankly. We've got a rich history. We've got some good. We've got some bad, but we learn by both,” He explained. “We don't need to destroy it.”

    “And I think a lot of these players who are playing today, if they had any other job in the private sector, they wouldn't be making anything of what they're making. A lot of them don't understand the value of a dollar. A lot of them don't understand how they got there,” he said.

    “And I think to the extent sports can get out of politics is the best thing,” Williams said to illustrate how Americans have for a long time considered sports to be a way of escape from reality, something that wokeness has totally dismantled.

    “People want to go to a baseball game or hockey game, football game, and they want to enjoy the game and root for their team. They don't want politics involved,” said Williams.

    Although Williams said his belief that “we “can't keep players from making statements,” he suggested that some of the things we've seen lately aren't right.

    “But at the same time, I think there's a point in time, you do not kneel for the national anthem. I don't think you wear Black Lives Matter across your shirt. That sends a political statement that fans don't want to jack with, quite frankly,” the Republican declared.

    “The players must play and let the citizens of America decide what they'd like to go to.” Williams said. “So I'm dissatisfied with some of the things that I observe on the field of athletics and also disappointed by certain things that players have to say, but there's many players who understand the message.”

    “A lot of players serve. A lot of players do great things more than not, ok? But we don't need to be having political statements on the court. We don't need the political statement on the pitcher's mound. We don't need political statements on our jerseys . Let's play for our country, let's play for our fans, let's play for our mom and dad, let's play for our school,” he declared, calling for a return to “normality”.


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