Exclusive: Senator Marco Rubio: “If You Hate America, Biden Wants to Cut a Deal with You”


    Senator Marco Rubio made a scathing attack on the Biden White House's decision to send a formal delegation to Caracas, Venezuela, to meet with President Nicolas Maduro's regime. Rubio then said that Biden seems interested only in making deals with America’s adversaries.

    Rubio stated that this has nothing to do with oil. He asserted that they are using this as an excuse. He went on to state his belief that Venezuela cannot sell the United States oil. Marxism doesn't work. Communism is a disaster. Socialism is a disaster, and they've decimated their oil industries. They used to produce three millions barrels per day, but now they produce only 700,000, according to Rubio. They send 700,000 barrels per day to China as that is how they pay their loans. They don't have the money to pay China so they pay them with oil. The remaining 10 percent goes to Cuba. They can't increase production–that would require billions of dollars in investment and years of work before they could make enough to make a real difference. It is all due to people in the Biden Administration, especially Juan Gonzalez on the National Security Council and some State Department employees, who are eager to make deals with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, or anyone else they can, Rubio argued. They will make a deal with anyone who hates America. This is their excuse to say “let's go over here and do this.” He believes they even made it public to make themselves appear heroic, which then exploded in their faces.

    Rubio then indicated that Americans would have to wait and see. “I don't believe anything they say at a press conference.” They may declare it publicly, but they might still be working on the matter privately, Rubio suggested. He imagined Maduro “down there” being thrilled about it. He would still be an ally of China, of Iran, of Russia–and he could have the sanctions against him lifted. It would be a great deal for him but a horrible deal for Americans, according to Rubio.

    After a huge political backlash in the U.S., especially among Hispanics (who, according to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, support Republicans by 9 percent), the White House decided to withdraw from a Venezuela deal. When Rubio was asked about the swing towards the GOP among Hispanics, particularly in relation to Venezuela negotiations, he stated that Hispanic voters are first and foremost working class.

    Rubio asserted that “all these experts and these people think they're smart,” but they don't know that Hispanic voters' primary identity isn’t the pronunciations of their last names. Their primary identity is as working-class voters. They are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, small-business owners, and people who earn a living. They are being crushed by the Biden Administration’s economics. They also have to deal with all of this “woke crap.” Rubio pointed out that Florida just passed a bill that prevents discussions with children under five, six, or seven about their gender identity and sexual orientation, but people have misnamed it for their own purposes. If you explain it to an average person, even a working-class Hispanic, he or she would probably say, “Yeah, of course,” according to Rubio. “What is the point of talking to seven-year olds about this stuff? These people believe [as] we do.” The surgeon general took to Twitter to complain about how dangerous this is for children aged 7 and 8, Rubio asserted. Rubio also argued that the practice was turning off working-class voters. Added to this, he said, is the notion of “okay, if you're a socialist, or a Marxist, and you hate America,” then the U.S. is always trying to make a deal with that country. But if the U.S. considers the country an ally, like Colombia, it’s constantly undermining it. Rubio believes the U.S. is cutting, declassifying Marxist narco-terrorist organizations that are attacking governments, classifying them as terrorist groups. But people reach their own conclusions, evident in the polling and ultimately elections.

    Rubio's interview occurred just moments before Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, addressed Congress. Rubio correctly forecast Zelensky's speech by predicting that he would ask a few questions and make some requests of the United States.

    Rubio stated that he believes Zelensky will continue to detail what he requires to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as the equipment and supplies he needs at this point in the conflict. “We've seen him now–he did that with Canada yesterday and the U.K. last week; I believe he will speak to the Spanish parliament tomorrow. It's smart that he is going to all these legislative bodies, as these are the entities that support it and provide funding. We'll be watching what he says.”

    Zelensky again urged the West to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Rubio warned that this could lead to a prolonged war between the United States, NATO and Russia. Rubio stated that he was worried that some people don't understand that the establishment of a no-fly zone is a major military undertaking, and he outlined some of its implications.

    Rubio discussed a few things about the no-fly zones. He stated that a no-fly zone doesn't exist simply because a country declares it and everyone follows it. It has to be enforced. This means that a country cannot have a no-fly zone if its planes can be shot down by surface-to-air missiles. Russian surface-to-air missile batteries are located in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. They would have to be eliminated, then Ukraine and allies would need to send jets into the air. Finally, they must be ready to shoot down any planes violating the no-fly zones. All involved would be pulled into a heated war if they shoot at each other’s planes. This is an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requirement.

    Rubio said he believes that there are other forms of assistance–both in terms of weapons and other supplies, such as fuel–that the United States could provide to Ukraine.

    “I think they have the greatest need for aid right now, and that is basic necessities. They require fuel.” Rubio stated that fuel is going to be a problem. But they also need ammunition. They will continue to require all the items they have now. They would find surface-to-air missiles very useful, allowing them to attack aircraft and strategic bombers flying at high altitudes. He noted that Ukraine must be able to operate the system, then find a way to stop Russian forces from using rockets and missile launches against them.

    Rubio warned that Russia's aggression pales against the rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the international stage. Rubio called for the complete decoupling of the U.S. from China. He also called out the woke leftist corporations, such as Disney in Florida, for failing to mention the severe human-rights violations in which the CCP is engaged.

    “China is Russia multiplied by a hundred.” Rubio stated that it won't be as easy to sanction China as it will be to sanction Russia. “We just depend too heavily on them,” Rubio said. “We must first decouple our economies. The idea that capitalism would change China was a terrible mistake. China is the one that has used capitalism against us. They must stop stealing our intellectual property. We must start going after their spies. Two weeks ago, the Justice Department announced that it would eliminate the special unit that investigates Chinese espionage. They were concerned it could lead to anti-Asian prosecutions. Many of those who were caught spying on China are not Asian. These are Americans who were paid to spy for China. We must start calling out corporations that do business in China. They are not happy to put Uyghur Muslims into work camps, but they are the first to attack and purchase a billboard. Disney is doing this in Florida right now, attacking American political leaders. They don't care a bit about what is happening in China. We must increase our military capabilities. We must strengthen our alliances all over the globe and have our own industries. It is time to make things again in America. We must have our own energy. We must make our own medicine. It creates jobs, but it also doesn't make us dependent on China. We must start making things. We're going to have a lot more trouble if China cuts us off from these things. They know this. They are using it against us. There are stupid people who manage important things and don't seem to realize it. Or, there's too much money making right now.”


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