Trump-backed Senator John Boozman on Employment verification, Amnesty plans, Border Control and Biden


    Boozman stated that “we need to do a few things: We need the E-Verify system to be augmented and made mandatory.” We need to hold employers accountable, they don't have to be the immigration agents. Keep the Remain in Mexico policy. We must also announce to the world that we are back to keeping people out who don't belong here, as well as securing our border and making it very difficult to do so if we try.

    Boozman made these comments during an interview with Breitbart News on Saturday, SiriusXM125 and the Patriot Channel. He also shared his history as a leader on immigration. In April 2013, long before other senators took a position on the “Gang of Eight amnesty plans”, Boozman made a public statement opposing the proposal. His office informed Breitbart News that he was against it. His public opposition, which he was joined by a few others in those early days, ran counter to Washington's conventional wisdom and career politicians.

    The Republican National Committee (RNC), had just published an “autopsy,” which concluded that Mitt Romney, the failed presidential candidate, lost the 2012 election due to Republicans' support for open borders immigration policies. Romney is now a U.S. The Senator from Utah was previously the governor of Massachusetts, and the 2012 GOP presidential nominee. He had just lost to the now-former President Barack Obama (a Democrat) the year before. Republicans wanted to find a way forward and many supported the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, which was later approved by the U.S. Senate with 14 GOP votes.

    But, despite eventually getting it through the then-Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate, the bill never got consideration in the GOP-controlled U.S. House. The legislation was defeated and no amnesty law was passed into federal law in 2013, or 2014. This is largely due to the efforts of Boozman and other courageous voices who fought for it during Trump's rise to the White House.

    When Boozman was asked why he opposed the plan, Boozman said that “my thing is amnesty rewards behavior that you don't like.” It was almost like saying, “Let's do amnesty, then we'll secure our border at a later time or promise to do that.” This is exactly what happened to President Reagan. He was swindled into the same situation where the amnesty provision goes forward, but the border is never secured. You'll be back in the exact same place if you don't secure your border.”

    Boozman's opposition to the Gang of Eight amnesty plans — as well as work by Sens. Jeff Sessions (R–AL) and Jeff Sessions (R–UT). Ted Cruz (R.TX), Mike Lee (R.UT), and Rand Paul (R.KY) fought it, as well as pushes by many House members such as then-Rep. Tom Cotton(R.AR), now a U.S. The plan was sunk by a senator from Arkansas. This led to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. The now-former president broke the political consultant's vision for open borders and openly campaigned for a wall at the U.S-Mexico Border. He also enforced strict immigration enforcement.

    Trump's 2016 election victory and his later policy successes to curb illegal immigration — he almost finished the wall in his first term, and significantly slowed down the flow of illegal immigrants through the Remain in Mexico and Migrant Protection Protocols policies more generally — were also popular politically. Republicans across the party have generally embraced the vision of Trump, which was first presented by the few people who opposed the Gang of Eight amnesty plans back in the day. Nineteen of the 14 Republicans who voted in favor of the Gang of Eight amnesty are gone. Only five of them remain. It is likely that at least two of the five remaining Republicans would not vote again for this bill — and perhaps three.

    Boozman stated that “So, for many and many reasons, [to the Gang of Eight] I was adamantly opposed” and that it had moved in the right direction. Trump did not just campaign on it. He also took action, unlike many other candidates. He looked at the areas where additional fencing and electronic sensors were needed and made a great job of it when he was elected to office. He also created the Remain in Mexico policy to ensure that asylum seekers were not left behind in the United States to wait for the backlog of hundreds or hundreds of thousands. This allowed them to remain in Mexico without any problems.

    Boozman is still a champion for the voices of Americans who are often ignored by politicians on immigration policy. Recently, he released an ad campaign in which an Angel Family member — a relative of an illegal alien who was killed many years ago — supported his reelection. Boozman explained to Breitbart News why he chose to focus on the human side of the issue. Angel Family is a family that was killed years ago by an illegal alien.

    Boozman stated, “It's one thing to say it, it is another if I say that in the circumstances where we are at. But when you have a lady who's so compelling, and tells her story and the tragic events that befell her family, it's quite another.” This was not something that needed to happen. This is something that grips the American public's hearts and humanizes — statistics can be viewed, we can talk to about two million people, or we can discuss crimes committed. While everyone who comes to America doesn't do any crime, you find yourself in a situation where the Biden administration is so insane that they refuse to deport anyone. Her message is powerful. It puts a face to the problems we are facing. It's relatable to the average person, which I believe is a key factor in the effectiveness of the message.

    Another Democrat, President Joe Biden, has taken many of Trump's popular, effective and popular immigration crackdown measures off the White House — Boozman stated that this has effectively rolled out a red carpet for the rest of the world to arrive here.

    “The other important thing was that he [Trump] basically said to the world, “Look, the border's closed and we're doing everything we can to protect it,” unlike President Biden, who when he got in and basically said, “Come on down, and you're welcome stay if you can get there,'” Boozman stated. It's a huge difference in approach but it resulted in two million people last year, and we are on track to continue in that direction this year. There's no way to know how many more people will be apprehended if you have two million people. This is because Border Patrol agents are too busy with unaccompanied minors and other things. The other thing is that I have been to the border many times and found these people are very nice. They work so hard, and they are discouraged. They booed them during the listening sessions with Homeland Security brass and got into shouting matches. They are just as discouraged than the rest of us. We could also talk about the insane things they are doing right now. $450,000 per illegal immigrant? They can use their arrest warrants to get documents that allow them to fly. This stuff is impossible to fake.”

    Voters across the country have repeatedly stated that they want fighters and candidates who will stand by them in Republican primaries. Moments like the Gang of Eight plan push are what really test whether senators are with voters who elected them or if they will bow to lobbyists for problematic legislative proposals. Boozman answered questions about the pressure and said that it was very easy for him to calculate.

    Boozman stated that despite being under tremendous pressure (just like everyone else), my guiding principle — and I campaigned for this — was to do what President Trump did. This is a national security matter. It was there. It is now. My thoughts were: You must secure the border — No amnesty. English is the official language. These are simple, basic truths that we have to do. We didn't, and so we are in the current situation. Another thing to keep in mind is that the border is secure on the Mexican side. The cartels know everyone crossing the border, and you can't cross if they don't pay a portion. This is an important issue. It was very important back then, and it still is. It is a national security problem. Although we prevailed, it was difficult for us to do so. These are the things you talk about, but as you stated, the facts weren’t actually out. The facts are out, and then you tell people what the consequences of that are. That's how you stop bad things happening. You are judged on your work and the things you do. Then, there are two important things: how well you keep bad things from happening. This is especially important for this administration.

    Boozman was clearly someone Trump recognized as ideologically aligned, willing to fight for these priorities. This endorsement was his first in 2022. Trump supported Boozman in Arkansas on March 8, 2021, 15 months prior to Boozman’s primary. He stated that Boozman was “a great fighter for Arkansas's people”

    Trump described Boozman as “tough on Crime, strong at the Border, a great supporter of our Military and our Vets and fights for farmers every day,” Trump stated. “He supports the Second Amendment and has my complete and total endorsement!”

    Biden almost immediately reversed all of Trump's policies when he entered the White House. More than 2 million migrants have flooded into the United States since Biden took the Oath of Office. Boozman believes that the solution is simple: Reimplement Trump’s policies and crackdown on employers who hire illegal aliens.

    Boozman stated that Biden said all the things you mentioned and then he said, “Come on over, we're not doing those things and it's very simple to get into America.” “We must reinstate the policies that President Trump used very well. That was the Remain in Mexico policy. He forced the Mexican government to cooperate. We are a great nation. We have levers that can be pulled to get people to cooperate. It made a big difference. We have to do these things and at some point we must hold employers responsible. If they don't have work, they won't come. You can understand the other side of this. If they are trying to care for their families and are poor in the rest, then you can understand why they want us to be here. But we are a nation made up of laws. This is what you have to do. People who worked through the system and did everything right may be the ones that are most upset about this. It might have taken them five to ten years to complete the process. Again, this is how it should be done. Hold employers responsible and then no amnesty.

    Boozman believes that the Trump vision of immigration is not only good policy but also good politics. Recent elections have seen Republicans make historic gains not only with white working-class voters, but also with key minority groups such as Hispanic and Black voters. All signs point to continued GOP growth within these communities due to this America First vision. A Wall Street Journal survey last Wednesday shows that the GOP leads Democrats by nine per cent with Hispanic voters, and more than twice the support in the black community as compared to late last year.

    Boozman stated, “I completely agree — if you take a look at President Trump’s policies you had the most successful economy in 50 years.” “Lowering regulations and lowering taxes, real growth of wages amongst those you're referring to, and real growth for employment. This is what everyone wants. Everything else is very important if you don't have work or can't earn a living wage. We can see the contrast between his great work and the current state of affairs regarding inflation and poor economic conditions. They want to add fuel to the fire with this huge spending bill. I believe this was what saved it, but it is still not going away. These policies are straightforward truths, you're correct. These policies work, and they do deliver good results.


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