“Family Guy” Mocks Republicans as Hitchcock Creatures


    Sunday's episode was a follow-up to the Griffin family on a cross-country trip through Oregon for a visit to the final Blockbuster Video store. While on route, they stop off at an Midwestern restaurant where they discover the diner is crowded with MAGA-wearing Trump supporters.

    The show pointed its hat towards the end to a scene from the film The Birds in which the Griffin family retreats slowly back to their cars and are observed by a horde of Trump supporters who alternate screaming “Trump.”

    Family Guy has repeatedly taken shots at Donald Trump and his supporters throughout the years with a recent episode following the presidential election in 2020 which was a vision of the then-President Trump as well as his wife Melania along with Vice-President Mike Pence hanging themselves in prison.

    In an episode which was aired in the year prior, Peter Griffin becomes the press secretary of Trump and is witness to the Trump character attacking his child, Megan Griffin, and groping her. 

    Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has made no hiding the extent of his hatred of Trump. According to Breitbart news, MacFarlane has reportedly become one of Hollywood's largest supporters of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Recently, he was reported to be giving a substantial sum to a PAC associated with the former 17-term congressman.

    In the year 2020, MacFarlane signed a $200 million contract with NBCUniversal where he got away from his previous home with 20th Century Fox Television.


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