Far-Left Democrats Suggest Transgender Bill-of-Rights


    The bill, which is titled the “Transgender Bill of Rights” will amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ban discrimination on reason or “gender identity” in public accommodation and federally-funded initiatives and programs. The legislation is authored by Reps. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) David Cicilline (D-RI), Marie Newman (D-IL), Mark Takano (D-CA) and Ritchie Torres (D-NY) .

    The legislation “explicitly states that it is unlawful to discriminate based on…gender identity or sexual characteristics in public facilities or services based on religion. …” This law is incompatible with the opinions that are held by the vast majority of Americans; 60% of them believe that the biology of sex determines gender, recent polling indicates.

    The bill also targets Republican state laws protecting women’s and girl's spaces. The bill will force states to allow males who think they are females to participate in female sports and girls. The bill also requires schools to let students utilize “facilities that best align with their gender identity.” The bill does not mention males' biological advantages in sports, or the possibility of males wearing female clothing to assault girls and women in bathrooms or locker rooms. Allowing transgenders to access girls and women's spaces as well as teams for sports is disapproved of by voters; 63% are against it according to a recent NPR/Ipsos survey.

    Furthermore, the bill will also ban “conversion therapy” — an expression used by leftists to describe any therapy that does not believe that individuals can pick their own gender. A new interpretation for “conversion therapy” is notably without its historical context. It has was a brutal and even illegal treatment of those who were attracted to the same sex.

    The bill would also allow the legislation to remove any restrictions by the government on accessing “gender-affirming” medical care for minors and adults. “Gender-affirming” healthcare is a term used to portray mutilation as an action that is compassionate. This type of healthcare includes the administration of hormones that block puberty and cross-sex hormones, with a variety of long-term side consequences are unidentified in addition to surgery to change the sex. Some procedures include the formation of breasts, removing the breasts, and surgeries on the genitals or reproductive organs. This includes the construction of penises by removing tissue from an additional body part.

    The bill prohibits states from penalizing health providers who provide sex-change treatments for “transgender and nonbinary people,” as Alabama's law does, making it a crime to perform gender transition surgery or offer hormone blockers for puberty and other treatments for children who are not yet 19 years old.

    To not be left out of an opportunity, this law is a bid to make a law of Roe V. Wade, “guaranteeing the right to abortion” for “everyone, including transgender and nonbinary people.” Although some voters appear to be uncertain regarding what the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe is going to mean for abortion across the nation, the majority of voters prefer permitting states to determine abortion laws, or even an international ban rather than a federal law that permits abortions.

    The legislation also suggests that “gender identification” requirements be removed from official documents. If the elimination is not feasible, the legislation suggests that the use of an “X” marker be provided on these documents.

    It is strikingly similar but much more radical in comparison to the Equality Act, which passed the House in February, 2021. But this “Transgender Bill of Rights” has a much smaller Democrat approval than Equality Act, with 85 co-sponsors as opposed to the 224.


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