FBI Engaged in Interference for Hunter Biden


    This week's episode on Fox News Channel's “Sunday Night in America,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) addressed whistleblowers inside the FBI in a claim that the top brass was seeking to defuse allegations about Hunter Biden.

    Grassley wrote an email addressed to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland in which he said that bureau sources have provided him with evidence of attempts to deny or denigrate information on Hunter Biden, and said the attempt to label information about Biden's older son to be “disinformation” was “political interference” by the FBI.

    “We had concrete information about a lot of things Hunter Biden has done, and he stopped that and labeled it as disinformation,” Grassley declared. “Now this is political interference within the FBI. It will make people less credible within the FBI and everyone should have the highest faith you can ever have in an organization like that of the FBI.”

    “Now, we're going to have … Director Wray before our committee on Thursday, and he is going to get a lot of questions about this,” said Wray. “And Director Wray should be aware that he'll need to provide us with concrete details and a plan on how will be able to alter this way of thinking in the FBI where the power of a particular party or authority decides whether or not investigations can go ahead. There must be no bias from a political perspective in these choices.”


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