Filmmaker Michael Moore Celebrates the Republican Infighting in Congress as “Proof That There Is a God in Heaven”


    The left-wing filmmaker and activist Michael Moore said Saturday on MSNBC's Alex Witt Reports that Republican House members' infighting over the leadership of their party is “proof that there is a God in heaven.”

    Witt began, “I wanted to ask you, regarding the tit-for-tat kind of fighting that’s underway in the Republican party—the controversial far-right congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, they have been taking these swipes at each other over Kevin McCarthy’s bid for House speaker.”

    She asked, “Does it highlight the fractious nature of the Republican Party right now?”

    Moore replied, “It’s proof that there is a God in heaven. I am serious. This is what’s going to really get us through these two years until we get the House back. They are so discombobulated on the Republican side of the aisle. They are fighting. Kevin McCarthy can’t even get the votes he needs to be the speaker. They are in such a wreck right now. We created that wreck because they literally did think, as McCarthy said back in the spring and summer, we’re going to pick up 60 House seats in our red wave.”

    He concluded, “Right now the thin margin they have means that out of the 200 and something Republicans that are going to be in the House, only four or five of them need to switch their vote on any given bill, and we can pass that bill. We can actually get things passed.”


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