“Flooding the System”, The Sheer Number of people at the Border is Over Capacity and it is Impossible to Take in All Those Who Want to Enter: Brooks


    In this Friday's “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that the amount of people trying to make it into this country is, “probably beyond our capacity to absorb all the people who want to come.” The current figures at crossing the border have been “flooding the system.”

    Brooks said that the motive to implement Title 42 “doesn't pertain anymore. It's just not — it's not a health matter. It's become an art of convenience to simplify what goes on at the border. The question is, what plan they have in place. And we're at a rate now where there are two million encounters at the borders a year. … And it's just flooding the system. And there's a lot of skepticism that there's a system in place, if we not — get rid of 42, that they'll be able to have the hearings and do all the stuff we normally do with asylum seekers. And so, as we just heard, it's just a gigantic political issue.”

    He said, “The people are coming here not because their lives are great back home. They're coming here because situations in a lot of Latin American countries are deteriorating, and some of them are genuinely in horrific circumstances. And one's heart leaps out to them. And yet, they're coming in such large numbers, it's probably beyond our capacity to absorb all the people who want to come.”


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