Florida Governor DeSantis Believes Termination of Disney’s Special Status Supported by Voters’ Rejection of Woke Influences


    On Friday's episode of Fox News Channel's “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) spoke about his state's decision to end the Disney Reedy Creek Improvement District that gave the Walt Disney Company the power to govern itself. The Florida Republican governor explained that the denial of this special status was in response to his voters' rejection of “woke garbage in our society.”

    Carlson observed, “Here will be the updated rules. If you'd prefer a large, publicly owned corporation to pay taxes in the form of a child, then you're a sexual predator. It's obvious that you're an ax-man. You're akin to Putin, who is fascist. What else do you think you're…? In the words of Joy Reid, you're a communist. Ron DeSantis is, quote, ‘taking us back to the Soviet Union.’ You're a communist when you would like the business to pay taxes. Then, Joy Reid went to Harvard and we're not going to discredit her. We did, however, feel the moral duty to confirm this fact because it's a big assertion. So, tonight, joining us to either deny or confirm the allegations is the comrade Ron DeSantis, who is also the governor of Florida. Governor, many thanks for your time tonight. Therefore, I'm unable to determine if you're a communist, racist, or a fascist by wanting the largest publicly [traded] company to pay taxes. What are your thoughts?”

    Governor Ron DeSantis replied, “Well, it's fascinating, Tucker, not only to pay taxes but also to pay… this company was unique to any company or person across the state of Florida and possibly anywhere else across the United States. They were autonomous. They had incredible powers. They were able to build nuclear power stations. They didn't need to go through permits. There were a great deal of tax advantages.

    “This is a bit inappropriate. It's also not appropriate in the context… of someone who, I consider, did an excellent job in pointing out, they have pledged to draw their substantial corporatist resources from the pockets of the Burbank California-based company to revoke parental rights in Florida and to effectively take over our democratic system. This is obviously something that we have strongly opposed. Then you also have the videos you released where you see the top executives at Disney discussing how they intended to incorporate sexuality into the programming they offer to children.

    “I have a five-year-old and a four-year-old as well as two-year-old in my house, Tucker. I would like children to be able to enjoy cartoons without this content shoved into their tummies. It was also appropriate to have made this decision initially three years ago. However, it's definitely proper to put them in the same way like every other resident of the State of Florida.”

    Carlson agreed. “Well, yes. It's kind of weird being from those who have devoted their time to fighting for–’democracy.’ You've received the blessings of the citizens of Florida. You'll be running for office in November, and we'll see how you fare. However, you're a citizen of democracy. Bob Chapek and Bob Iger were not elected by anybody. Why should the people who defend democracy support the democratic process in the face of corporate fiat?”

    DeSantis observed, “Because I believe that this is what leftists have come up with. What they really would like to see is the exercise of power in advance [of] their agenda of leftism. Yes, they were previously opposed to large corporations due to the fact that they perceived them as apolitical and didn't agree with their political agenda. They've realized they can subcontract their leftist views to some of these huge corporations… Some executives will give in to the woke crowd. Then they'll perform the dirty work of the left… It's not likely for them to get elected in Florida when they're trying to inject transgender-related ideas into the classrooms of second-graders. They're aware of that. Their hope was that getting Disney involved could somehow convince me to reconsider signing the bill. That was a mistake on their part, since naturally we were not going to slow down even a millimeter.”

    Carlson added, “It's odd, considering that there are many Republican governors across the country. Actually, you're the Republican governor of one of the states that is the most divided. It's a Republican State–however, only barely. It's overwhelmingly Republican states located in the West, including Utah. Governors of these states have not done anything similar to this. They haven't responded even once. What do you consider [the reason]?”

    DeSantis replied, “You know, I'm not sure, Tucker. I'm thinking my view is that you've got the media class. You have [the] Twitter class. And you have some of these people, and it's a deformed view of reality…You have to speak to people who aren't in these media and pay attention to what they have to say. And I can assure [you] that they don't wish to see this kind of untruth within our culture. They don't want women left out of the chance to participate in sports. They don't want to watch their children go to school and be slapped with this information in their mouths. Therefore, I take a stand for the people. I am against many media as well as a number of large corporations. However, ultimately, [I] believe that we've got the evidence and power of numbers to support us.”

    Carlson concluded, “I believe that you're right. Thank you. It was wonderful to meet you tonight, Governor DeSantis.”


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