Florida Park Closes Due to Immigration Influx


    The influx of illegal immigrants has caused authorities of the United States National Park Service to shut down Dry Tortugas National Park in the Florida Keys.

    Breitbart News noted, more than 1,400 illegal immigrants were arrested in the ocean and in the Florida Keys over the New Year's weekend. Over 360 of them specifically, were arrested on boats in Dry Tortugas National Park.

    Illegal aliens were transported to Key West from Dry Tortugas National Park. 

    Officials from the National Park Service told the media that “the closure, which is expected to last several days, is necessary for the safety of visitors and staff because of the resources and space needed to attend to the migrants.”

    This care for illegal aliens can include offering food, water, as well as medical care. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  gives them permission to enter the U.S. or has them removed and returned to their countries of origin.

    “What is the best way to care for those American citizens who contribute to the national park, and who might wish to visit the park during the Christmas holiday? What do they think of their needs as well as those of the citizens of this nation?” Fox News's Tucker Carlson said this week about the park's closing.

    “Well, [Americans are] not as important as the illegal aliens whom the national park service is spending its time ‘attending to.' They're ahead of you in line,” Carlson added. “If you are unhappy about that, then you must protest. This is a total outrage. To accept it as normal or as compassionate, which isn't the case, is a major error.”


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