Flynn and Sussmann Both Accused of Lying to the FBI


    Both are accused of lying about their experiences to the FBI. However, the fascinating case that involved Michael Flynn and Michael Sussmann differs from one another.

    The Feds Don't Want to Remove Their Jackboots Ret. General Michael Flynn's Neck.

    — Victoria Taft, The Adult in the Room (@VictoriaTaft) May 22nd 2022

    Former FBI Director James Baker is currently being accused of treason at Washington, D.C. for not disclosing his research findings on Donald Trump. He claimed that he conducted “research about Donald Trump” to help tie him to the Russians and that he was doing it solely for his private gain and not for the benefit of his clients.

    The office of Sussmann referred to his office's “research as whitepaper #1”. It contained Internet DNS information which purportedly revealed a connection with Trump, Alfa-Bank Russia, and Spectrum Health servers.

    Court documents reveal that Sussmann carried papers at Baker's meetings. The report says that the server's configuration shows the Trump Organization (and Alfa-Bank) with multiple layers in order to conceal the email addresses of their customers.

    It was over.

    Friday's revelation revealed that Robby Mook, who was Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager, testified to the fact that Clinton had backed Trump's defamation campaign.

    Although Sussmann wasn't indicted for conspiracy, it is clear the other was. John Durham is the Special Counsel. He claims that Sussmann supplied details to the FBI to help impoverish Trump's political swamp.

    It's a horrible sounding sentence, however, Sussmann might be able to get through this trial despite the current political atmosphere within the Beltway. Sussmann was also accused of lying to the FBI.

    Flynn was accused of indecently lying before one FBI agent. Flynn's FBI agents were not convinced Flynn was lying and shut down the investigation. Peter Strzok, an FBI investigator, was brought in to make sure the case remained open.

    James Comey, the fired FBI Director, took a triumphant lap and was smiling when he invited Flynn agents to an informal conversation, without informing him. This was in the chaos caused by the the administration's first efforts to create the perjury trap.

    The Obama Administration was displaying its fury at Trump.

    Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Professor of Law, asserts that both trials were conducted within the Washington, D.C. courthouse. The trials were, however, not the same.

    Flynn was demonized in Washington as the official Leftist. Sussmann, however, was not. He believed Hillary Clinton would become his president.

    He's a cybersecurity specialist as well as a privacy lawyer. This is the reason the man was able to utilize these technologies to hurt his political foes.

    John Brennan, Director of the CIA, was also involved in the plot.

    Flynn was a committed Bible-believing Christian. Flynn supported Donald Trump's conservative views and campaigning.

    Another Jury Problem for Durham Team in Michael Sussmann Trial.

    — Victoria Taft, The Adult in the Room (@VictoriaTaft) 20 May 2022

    Washington, D.C. jurors have a reputation of being left-leaning. Conservatives like Roger Stone or Michael Flynn are virtually guaranteed to get unfair trials because D.C. jurors consider them as fascists.

    Flynn was found guilty, in spite of lying about his involvement on the jury.

    Sussmann permitted a number of Hillary supporters as well as one Alexandria Ocasio Cortez donor, and fan, and a handful of Trump supporters to continue in his role as a trial judge.

    . #Hillary Tweet Approving Trump Russia Disinfo Comes Back to Bite Her Campaign Boss at Sussmann Trial #SussmannTrial

    -” Victoria Taft, The Adult in the Room (@VictoriaTaft) 21 May 2022

    Sussmann refused Durham's team permission to make reference to the fake news campaign in the disinformation program. The campaign was later deemed to be an FBI investigation as well as a CIA issue to be concerned about. However, it's important to remember that Mook's evidence regarding Hillary Clinton greenlighting this plot could alter the course of events. His testimony allowed jurors an access point to the Clinton tweet that portrayed their view.

    Turley highlights the fact of the fact that Flynn's Judge was determined to eliminate any obstacles that were in Flynn's route, however Sussmann's Judge appears to have made an obstacle course in the virtual world for Durham.

    Durham Trial: You Can't Unsee All the Potential Conflicts of Interest in the ‘Russia Collusion' Case in D.C.

    -” Victoria Taft, The Adult in the Room (@VictoriaTaft) May 22nd 2022

    Barack Obama appointed Sussmann's Judge to the bench. It's a fact. It is easy to discern the obvious differences when you examine it against Flynn's experiences in the D.C. Courtroom.

    Leftist Washington insiders have a home field advantage that is comparable to the team at home who can hit over the center-field wall. This is so evident and subtle to not be recorded on the Durham scoresheet.

    The article “Two Michaels, Flynn and Sussmann both charged with lying to the FBI” was first published in Conservative Research Group.


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