Former AG Bill Barr Contends Making Donald Trump the 2024 Republican Presidential Nominee Would Be a Big Mistake


    Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr said on Thursday’s episode of Newsmax TV's Spicer & Co. that former President Donald Trump should not be the 2024 Republican presidential candidate.

    Barr stated, “Maybe your audience doesn't want to hear this, but Trump ran weaker than the Republican ticket in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania–75,000 Republicans went to the polls and voted straight Republican ticket in Arizona and didn't vote for him, 60,000 in Wisconsin, 60,000 [in] Pennsylvania. That's why he lost the election.”

    Host Sean Spicer said, “You say that you voted for Trump and obviously '16 and '20. Would you vote for him again in '24?”

    Barr declared, “I've said I don't think he should be our nominee, the Republican Party nominee. I think Republicans have a big opportunity. I think it would be a big mistake to put him forward. But if he was the nominee, then I would vote for him over the Democrat.”

    Regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, Spicer asked, “Twitter censored it, the media called it Russian disinformation… 51 former government officials went on record saying that it's Russian disinformation. Are there any legal consequences to that?”

    Barr replied, “None that I can think of.”

    Spicer stated, “They can't prosecute them for anything?”

    Barr responded, “Right.”


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