Former Clinton Advisor Speaks Out Against Biden Student Loan Forgiveness


    On CNN's “State of the Union,” the Democrat strategist pointed out any number of flaws in the bailout plan.

    “Well this is bad practice, as well as bad politics. For that sum it is possible to fund free pre-K for each three and four-year-old child for 10 years. There is a lot you can do to do more good for people who are poor as well as communities of color and the disadvantaged by implementing pre-K. It is possible to eliminate all medical debts and student debt. Unlike student debt, medical debt is not a free entry,” Begala said, saying he was “progressive.”

    He called Biden's proposal “terrible policy” noting Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan also came out against the plan that co-senior Democrats had previously considered to be outside the power of the president.

    Begala declared that Ryan could not “stand this idea.”

    He cited a number of Democrats who believed the policy was infringing on their chances to win elections among them Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev. as well as Senator Michael Bennet, D-Col.

    “What do I want my party to do in this? They're demeaning the people they're not helping those we're here for, that is, poor people and the underprivileged communities. They're also not helping their candidates for office,” Begala concluded.


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