Former Trump Attorney Says Trump Should be Blamed January 6


    Former Trump Attorney General, Ty Cobb, said Thursday on CNN's “Erin Burnett OutFront” that the former president's “criminal activity” after the presidential election in 2020 is worthy to be investigated through the Department of Justice.

    Burnett declared, “In this case, do you think Trump deserves blame for January 6?”

    Cobb stated, “Yes, I think the president is certainly deserving of some of the blame for what transpired. He stoked the crowd. There have been reports of, knowing that they were armed, and his reluctance to carry off some incendiary remarks that urged the crowd to support his cause at the Hill. I believe, as you can imagine, that it's absolutely justified and crucial that the country investigate this matter and find out the details. But in a nutshell, does the president deserve to be blamed? Yes.”

    Concerning the criminality of Trump, Cobb said, “I believe, based on everything I've read and witnessed through the great news coverage there are some important facts available, and the telephone calls made for Raffensperger and to Mr. Bowers concern me greatly. The need to locate 11,470 votes is worrying to me. The initiatives in both Arizona and Georgia I think make for difficult decisions for officials at the Justice Department. I also believe in the fact that the laws are changing is something Hutchinson admitted to. It seems like, if it's true, Pat Cipollone advised the president that there were serious criminal issues in the area prior to his taking certain actions. This is incredibly troubling.”

    He continued, “I mean, I believe you've got issues with fraud against authorities in the United States with regard to the vice-president issue as well as the Big Lie. There's a possibility of obstruction, influence over a witness and, of course there's a seditious conspiracy. If they are able to connect all those elements together. I'm thinking that would be a challenge for the sedition front, but I'm sure there's another criminal act that merits being investigated.”


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