Gas Prices Rise to Record-High on Memorial Day


    Last year gas prices were approximately $3 per gallon as of May, 2020. 

    Despite the fact that high gas prices have been driven by President Biden's energy policy, AAA estimates 34.9 million people will be traveling in a gas powered automobile this weekend. A mere 4.6 percent over last year's.

    However, The New York Times on Friday criticized American motorists for consuming too much gasoline. “Motorists have not done much to burn a lot less gasoline,” the Times published in an article titled “Gas Prices Hit New Highs as Summer Driving Season Starts.”

    While the Times pointed fingers at Americans for the high prices of gas, it did not mention Biden's war against American energy. Breitbart News reported that Biden has caused prices for energy to increase:

    Biden was a war waging against both private and public drilling for oil as well as subsidized green-new-deal-style energy plans. This has resulted in American oil production dropping from the year prior to the pandemic. It is estimated that 2022 oil production will be 12 million barrels per day which is eight percent lower than the year before.

    Biden makes it challenging for companies in the oil industry to get the necessary financing for drilling on privately owned land. He also has stopped the drilling on public land and ended his Keystone Pipeline project that would have brought huge quantities to oil American refineries.

    Democrats have not accepted responsibility for the rising gasoline prices that have led to inflation. What was previously referred to as “transitory inflation” became “Putin's price hike.” Prior to this reframing, CNN said inflation was “good,” while the Washington Post suggested inflation was an outcome of “corporate greed.”


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