George Conway Calls Trump’s Request to Putin for Hunter Biden Dirt “Sociopathic”


    The Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway stated during MSNBC's All In that former President Donald Trump’s public call during his Just the News interview for Russian President Vladimir Putin to release any dirt he has on Hunter Biden was “sociopathic.”

    Conway declared, “You are sitting next to somebody on the plane or on the bus, and they are just talking about wacky things that don't affect you. That is what he has been doing. He seems to be deteriorating in this regard. The other day he is asking Putin to release all of the materials on Hunter Biden. What? We are in the middle–Putin is killing civilians in Ukraine, and all Donald Trump cares about is, ‘Hey, you may not like Joe Biden because he is trying to [keep] you from killing civilians, so hey, let's talk about Hunter Biden, give us all your stuff on Hunter Biden. I mean, it is just absolute lunacy.”

    He continued, “You cannot help but root for the underdog here, root for the people who are just and instantly trying to live their lives and are getting murdered. Donald Trump does not see that. He is not capable. It is not just the pathological narcissism. It is sociopathic. He doesn't actually have any feeling for what is happening in Ukraine.”


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