George P. Bush: A Case Study of How a Famous Family Name May Not Be a Blessing


    George P. Bush may be struggling in his bid to become Texas’s next attorney general due to the political associations of his family name. In the past, there have been few political families with the same notoriety in Texas as the Bush family. It has a long legacy that goes back through the 1960s. In the current era of Trump, the family's power seems to have diminished. George P. Bush may be the latest victim. He is up against incumbent Ken Paxton, but Bush cannot find common ground with many Republican voters, who view Bush as a shady RNC member or an opportunist shouting Trumpian slogans to gain MAGA support. 

    According to some reports, the name Paxton is seen as a risk due to his position in the Republican Party. George P. Bush, who is currently serving as the state's land commissioner, is in the lead over Paxton in the polls. But the top reasons Republicans are hesitant about him are his ties to his family's centrist political views and his past policies.

    Bush claimed that these attacks are supported by Paxton and do not reflect the voter approval he's received during his campaign. The current attorney general’s ads against Bush are focused on calling him a RINO–Republican in name only–and linking Bush to his famous family.

    To be fair, George P. Bush supported former President Donald Trump both times that he ran for president. He has sought his endorsement in the race for attorney general (Trump supported Ken Paxton early on). Like Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance Bush, he has totally reversed some of his centrist policies on issues such as border security and immigration; however, no matter how genuine the change, Bush may not be capable of escaping his name.

    “What drives me crazy about people like George P. Bush and the establishment is that they just want to focus on slogans like ‘Keep Texas red' and they don't seem to understand that in order to do that, we have to really fight hard,” said Texas voter Christin Bentley. “Right now, we need people who are not afraid of controversy and be very aggressive in protecting the rights of Texans and not politically correct kind of people.”

    Beyond the race for attorney general, the Bush name has failed in other fields, as well. His brother, Pierce Bush, finished third in the race for the Houston Congress seat, and there isn't a Bush name to be found in major political positions nationally.

    Jason Villalba, chair of the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation, declared that the days of Bush conservatism might finally be coming to an end. “The compassionate conservatism that George W. Bush embodied when he was governor is no longer that something that people that vote in Republican primaries are looking for,” he stated. “That's not popular anymore. What's popular is the far-right radical section of Trump within the Republican party. But that's not Trump.”


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