Georgia High School Student Shot Killed Family Owned Barbershop


    Officers from the Clayton County Police Department responded to the 5400 block of West Fayetteville Road in College Park at 4:46 p.m. Saturday, after receiving the report of a victim shot, according to the CCPD stated in a press release on Saturday night. Police said the victim was found dead inside the River Station Shopping Center parking lot, and was identified by his family to be McClain, CBS 46 said:

    “Police say an altercation occurred in the parking area as gunshots started to sound off, WSBTV reported. McClain's mom, Nora Huff, told the outlet that her son was leaving the establishment when he was hit. She said McClain was an innocent bystander.”

    “I'm almost 99% sure that he went outside to give me a call to tell me that something was going on,” Huff said to the outlet. She also said that she'd been in the shop throughout the day and then went home just moments after she received the fateful phone call.

    “The first call was from one of my barbers. He told me that something tragic had happened in the shop, and that I needed to get here,” she said to WSBTV.

    When she returned to Da Barbas's Lab, she got another phone call.

    “I said, ‘Please tell me, is it my child? He said ‘Yes it is,'” Huff added.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted that there were no arrests reported as of Monday.

    Huff stated to 11Alive she sold the shop to her son in January.

    In the afternoon, she went to the barbershop and had a chat with people in the community mourning the loss of her son, according to the news outlet. A McClain co-worker held a memorial for the teen outside the establishment, which included candles and a Teddy bear.

    Lashawn Hood, who claimed to be McClain's cousin, created the image of an determined young man as she spoke on CBS 47 on the weekend:

    “Extremely driven. This morning, he did some exercises at the gym before coming to work. However, today the news is that he's no more in our lives because of the violence of guns. He was a great kid, who was very affectionate to his parents as well as his brothers. He was simply, extremely motivated and a wonderful child.

    Huff stated to 11Alive that Da Barbas Lab was among two companies her son ran. She also mentioned that he has recently formed an LLC to run his organic juice business.

    “He said because we deserved that on the south side, you shouldn't just be able to go to Buckhead to have a come in to shop…So he did. He did it all,” Huff declared.


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