Giuliani’s campaign for New York Governor Follows Rudy’s Footsteps


    “The changes that we, that I want to make in New York, I think the changes that Donald Trump made in Washington, and the change that Rudy Giuliani made in New York City in the late '90s are incredible examples for the next governor of the state of New York in terms of what we need to do,” Giuliani said to News in a broad interview.

    “From going after the bureaucracy, from making sure that our police can proactively police again, from going after ‘big education,' the teachers union and how they completely corrupted education, not just in this state, but in this country, and from going after these unconstitutional [COVID] mandates,” Giuliani continued.

    “I prefer to be transparent with my voters. For me I've described myself as the person I am, Andrew Giuliani. I've been working for four years within the Trump White House — and I'm proud of that.”

    Giuliani has launched a campaign similar to his father's mayoral campaign and is focusing on the state's massive criminality, particularly within New York City. When asked by Breitbart News on how he could deal with opposition to his agenda from Democratic City Mayor Eric Adams, Giuliani claimed that he would be able to work with Adams to provide political cover for Adams against criticism from his left-wing supporters in the city.

    “I do think that Adams is kind of a chameleon in the sense that I think he'll work with a Republican governor, as he would try to work with a Democratic governor,” Giuliani stated to News.

    “I believe, in the deepest part perhaps I'm being optimistic, however, I think inside he knows that his legacy, as well as any other political goals he has is going to be based in the first place on reducing that murder rate down, and also getting the violent crime rate down. If he comes across governors who are more focused on the actual implementation of this instead of discussing it, I believe the mayor will put his feet up and ensure that he's involved at minimum.” Giuliani continued. “And if not, we're going to tell him to get the hell out of the way.”

    Giuliani said on News that he will give $5 billion of the state budget to the police. He also proposed an official fund for police to support areas that have reduced police budgets, eliminate radical district attorneys, and end bail reform, which allows those who have been convicted of crimes to roam around freely, which Giuliani declared an “unmitigated disaster.”

    “In New York's $220 billion budget, there are a whole lot of cuts that we're going to make, but the one place where I'm not willing to compromise on this is our policing,” he said.


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