GLAAD CEO Blames Conservatives for Shooting


    In an interview on NBC on Monday, GLAAD Chief Executive Officer Sarah Kate Ellis stated that politicians such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) “have to cease propagating lies. They're propagating, and are leading to death, pain and even murder in our communities as well as insufficient gun control in this country. Couple these two together, and you'll get the events of Saturday night.” Also, they said that “whether or not the motive of Saturday night turns out to be hatred,” “it's still an environment and culture we live in and politicians are running.”

    Ellis explained that the rise in hate crimes are “driven by two elements foremost: one is the rhetoric being uttered by politicians. They're making use of our community as political footballs, and they're propagating lies and hatred regarding our society. In the last year in particular, there's been more than 300 pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation being considered, 300 of them against an entire community that's not searching for anything. That's why I believe that. Add to that social media platforms making money from hate, and are profiting from the spread of lies. They're making money by spreading hatred and they're not stopping, and they have the means to stop them. This is why it's so disconcerting to witness things like the events of Saturday night knowing what's behind it. Whatever the motivation happens to be, we are aware that there's an increase in the amount of hate and vitriol in our society that results in actual harm.”

    She went on to say, “And even a report due to be released will show that in the last year, there were 100 violent incidents or threats of violence against drag shows all over the country, across the United States. Brunches, it's about brunches people. Therefore, I believe that Boebert, DeSantis, they've got blood on their hands for this. They must stop propagating lies. These are the lies they're propagating and creating pain, death and even murder in our communities and the insufficiency of security of guns in the United States. Take all that together and you'll get what happened at night on the weekend. You know, in this city , and in New York City, on Saturday night, a block was thrown into an LGBT bar called Hell's Kitchen. It was the fourth time this has occurred in the span of a week at this bar. It's clear whether or not the motive behind the incident on Saturday night could be hatred, and everything seems to point in that direction. It's an environment and a society which we're living in, and the politicians are taking over. They're leading this hatred.”


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