GOP Rep. Mike Johnson: We Don’t Need Gun Reform, We Need Reform of Lax Prosecutors and the Border


    On Thursday's broadcast of the Fox Business Network's “Evening Edit,” Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) responded to President Joe Biden's calls for gun control by stating that the real issues with crime are lax prosecutors and the problems at the border as a result of Democratic policies.

    Johnson said, “The president said we need gun reform. We don't need that. We need reform of radical district attorneys. That's the problem, as you said, it's these progressive D.A.s with these crazy policies where they won't prosecute crime. They're reducing felonies to misdemeanors. They're weakening their bail policies. And it leads to more crime. This is not rocket science. An 8th-grade civics student can figure this out. There are also the open border policies. That's a big root cause of all these problems. Because dangerous people are coming across the border, being shipped around the country on planes and buses to a neighborhood near you. And we know fentanyl is flooding over the border, and that's leading to all sorts of street crimes and gangs and everything else. So, it's the president's, and his party's policies, and their dangerous rhetoric, of course, about defunding the police that has led to all of this. [Those are] the root causes, and that's what needs to be addressed and reversed.”

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