GOP Senator Cramer: We Should Investigate Russian Ties to Green Groups. This Would Be a Fraction of the Cost of the Mueller Probe


Senator Kevin Cramer (R.ND), on Wednesday's Fox Business Network’s Kudlow broadcast, called for Congress to investigate any ties between Russia and environmental groups.

Cramer stated that the Green New Deal “paves [the] way for Russia to sell its dirtier fossil fuels on new markets.” Guess who doesn't get to benefit from this? The environment does not. American fossil energy is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than any other source.

He said, “I believe every organization that has received money from Russia should be under investigation. This is because we spent many years looking into Russian collusion with Trump's campaign and Trump's administration, only to find out that Trump was innocent. We should spend less and get to the bottom [of] this collusion which has a negative effect on not only our economy but also the environment. It also helps to fund Russian oil and gas as well as Russia's current war. It deserves its own investigation…. It could be done by Congress, or it could or should be done at the Justice Department.”


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