GOP Sens. “ATF to be held accountable for ‘Mass Denial of Suppressor Applications’”


    Lankford, Daines and other Republicans specifically asked the ATF not to target law-abiding citizens who create their own suppressors at work.

    A Lankford's office press release, dated March 18, 2022, refers to the ATF denials of suppressor owner applications and quotes Jason Ouimet (NRAILA): “The mass refusal of ATF Form 1 Applications is a direct infringement against the Second Amendment rights of hundreds, maybe thousands, of law-abiding Americans who want to work within ATF’s long standing rules concerning the home manufacture suppressors.”

    Senators asked ATF why they rejected the applications.

    As they follow ATF guidance, these continued attacks on the Second Amendment are threatening law-abiding Americans' right to their Second Amendment rights. We ask that the ATF explain why they reject legal applications and deny law-abiding citizens their Second Amendment rights.

    Senators also stated that the ATF was not set up to limit an American's basic right to privacy.

    The letter quotes Gun Owners of America (GOA) Aiden Johnson:

    “As if the National Firearms Act was not enough, ATF's refusal to allow Americans to make NFA firearms–which is clearly provided for by federal law–shows that the agency is trying to limit the Second Amendment rights and freedoms of the People. GOA is grateful to the Senators for demanding accountability from ATF regarding the illegal denials of Form 1 applications by gun owners.”

    The House Second Amendment Caucus also pressed the ATF about the agency's de facto firearm registry.

    Breitbart News reported on March 17, 2022 that the Second Amendment Caucus demanded the passage of Rep. Mike Cloud’s (R-TX), NO REGISTRY Rights Act. This Act was designed to end ATF's collection and maintenance of records related to gun transfers and sales.


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