Graham and Sanders Debate Big Issues on Fox News


    In a Fox Nation debate moderated by FNC host Bret Baier, Senators. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went into a debate about policies and politics and the presidential race of 2020.

    Sanders said that Trump’s claim he won the presidential elections of 2020, was a “big lie,” and was an attack on the democratic method.

    After pushing Graham down, who admitted that he wasn't convinced Trump was the winner in 2020. Graham demanded Sanders take action to counter the left's demands to end the police.

    Partially transcribing the debate:

    SANDERS: Donald Trump, who goes all over the country telling people that “I won the election” “Actually, I could be the winner by a landslide. But the thieves took my vote, then took my vote.”

    This is what we describe as a massive lie. However, the majority of the Republicans whom Senator Graham wants to see support from persist in believing these huge falsehoods. What is this all about? It goes far further than Trump and is well past the 2020 presidential election. What they're declaring is that the whole system isn't a good thing. You cannot be certain about the truth of anyone.

    If you're not convinced of the outcomes of elections, what's your best alternative? There's a need for an influential person, and that's okay. Conservatives want to go into — believe they traveled to Hungary in order to speak about the President of Hungary, Orban.

    The issue that we're facing isn't just that Lindsey and I do not agree on this or another topic and we do, but the issue is the future of our American democracy and how quickly we can be shifted towards authoritarianism in part due to the fact that there is a huge lie.

    BAIER: Can you quickly make it clear what you want to say? Senator —

    SANDERS: Are you convinced that Trump was the winner of the election?

    BAIER: Do you have the ability to answer this Senator? Do you think that you can confirm that the election was not fake?

    GRAHAM: I have certified the elections. There was a mail-in-balloting fraud, but no. The vote I cast was for declaring the elections as legitimate. Biden is president. 

    SANDERS: Sanders is a candidate for president. Will Sanders win? The election?

    GRAHAM: Yes.

    SANDERS: Ok. What happens to the candidates who claim they didn't? Do you have the ability to select your Republican candidates that you would like to see people support?

    GRAHAM: What do you make of the opinions about the people who claim they'd like to abolish the police? Tell me what you say to them. 


    SANDERS: Your audience is larger than mine.


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