Harrison on Voters Caring More about Inflation, Schools, than 1/6: ‘If Our Democracy Does Not Hold, Then None of That Stuff Will Happen’


    On Friday's “CNN Newsroom,” DNC Chair Jaime Harrison responded to Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) arguing that voters care more about issues that impact them like inflation, schools, and public safety than they do about the January 6 investigation by stating that “none of that stuff will happen,” if democracy doesn't hold.

    Co-host Victor Blackwell asked, “I wonder from a political perspective, does the 1/6 investigation, this line move voters? The man who's tasked with getting the Republicans control of the Senate says — that's Rick Scott — he said, ‘Look at what people are focused on, it's really focused on what impacts their family, inflation, their schools, and public safety, stuff like that.' What do you say?”

    Harrison responded, “Well, listen, if our democracy does not hold, then none of that stuff will happen, right? We saw, and we saw — we just had the anniversary of something that we have never thought that we would see in American history. The Capitol was under siege and the president of the United States, a man who has pledged an oath to defend and protect this great nation sat in the White House with a bucket of popcorn watching it like it was some movie. That can never happen again. We need to make sure that we investigate who was involved, why they did it, what was the motivation behind it and hold anybody accountable for their actions on that day. And so, this isn't about politics. This is about the rule of law. This is about making sure that we protect our great democracy. Because we can never let January 6, or an event like January 6 ever happen again.”

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