Herschel Walker Raises Record $350K in One Day, Saying “They Messed with the Wrong Georgian”


    Herschel Walker, Georgia’s Republican U.S. Senate nominee, raised approximately $350,000 on Tuesday, campaign sources reportedly told Breitbart News.

    “Raphael Warnock and the left-wing crazies will say and do anything to hold onto power. Well, they messed with the wrong Georgian,” a Walker campaign source said on Tuesday night. “He’ll never back down because the stakes are too high. And conservatives across the country see what the left is trying to do, and they are fueling his campaign with the resources we need to fight and win this seat back for Georgia.”

    A retired NFL superstar running back, Walker had a difficult week in the campaign after the media outlets' attack on the former player. An anonymous woman claims that he was the one who paid for an abortion she underwent ten years ago. Walker denied her claim. Walker's campaign has seen an uptick in donations since then and a surge in support from the public.

    Things continue to improve for Walker this week. Aside from the highest-ever day of fundraising, Walker also saw a pair of polls from Emerson and Trafalgar that indicated he was tied with the incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA).

    This is as more negative information leaks out regarding Warnock after the news broke earlier this week that the congregation where he serves as pastor and gives him a modest housing allowance even when he's also a U.S. senator was seeking to evict tenants who owe rent. Walker has offered to pay overdue rent for those whom the church was seeking to evict.

    Absent a major development in the deluge of attacks Walker has branded being an “October surprise,” which Walker says won't bother him, he appears to have survived the storm before this Friday's debate against Warnock.

    On Tuesday, at an event with National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) chair senator Rick Scott (R-FL) and Tom Cotton (R-AR), Walker said he would be prepared for the debate on Friday.

    The Georgian U.S. Senate race is vital to Republican chances of winning the U.S. Senate majority in the fast-approaching midterm elections in November. It is believed that the Senate is currently split 50-50 between both parties, and Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris is the tiebreaker. If the GOP could win the seat, Walker could deliver the majority back to Republicans in order to place a stop to the agenda of Democrat President Biden, depending on the outcome in a few other battleground states that are hotly contested across the country.


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