Highland Park Shooting Suspect Arrested


    At a press conference, Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen revealed that the suspect gunman was detained at approximately 6:30 p.m. ET, by North Chicago police officers.

    “What I can say to you right now is about 15 minutes ago, the subject we were seeking. The person of interest, Robert Crimo III, was identified by the North Chicago unit at Buckley and 41. His vehicle was the vehicle we were seeking,” Jogmen said.

    The suspect fled when the officers who were attempting to arrest him.

    “The suspect initially fled. A brief pursuit went on. They were eventually able to stop the suspect at Westley and 41. He was arrested in Lake Forest, the subject was detained without incident.” Jogmen continued.

    “So at this point, I again want to reiterate, things are moving very quickly as they do, unfortunately, and we just want to keep you updated with the most relevant information,” Jogmen told reporters. “The person of interest is now being taken to the Highland Park Police Department, where we're going to begin the, you know, the next phase of the investigation is speak with this person to make sure we're seeing if in fact, he is connected to this incident.”

    The shooter was on the run for around eight hours following the shooting that took place at around 10:15 a.m. ET.


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