Hillary Clinton Encourages Americans to Say “Gay” All the Time to Combat Cruelty


    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday on her podcast “You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton” that the average American “should go around saying ‘gay’ all the time.”

    Comedian Kate McKinnon explained that a listener had asked her, “What are your thoughts on the state of attack we find on the LGBTQ+ community with Florida's ‘Don't Say Gay' bill passing 22-to-17 and Texas anti-trans agenda? I can't help but wonder how this plays into the midterm elections.”

    Clinton declared, “Oh my gosh, well, first off, it is profoundly outrageous and deeply sad that people in positions of power in our country are more interested in undermining and opposing the rights of individuals than they are in bringing people together. I think people have to stand up to it. The idea ‘don't say gay,' I think people should go around saying ‘gay’ all the time. Anything we can do to puncture the hypocrisy and the cruelty that lies behind this, we need to be doing.”

    She continued, “He mentioned the midterms. Let me just say, please, please turn out and vote. The hypocrites and the hate-mongers win when people don't vote.”

    McKinnon suggested, “Let's say it now.”

    McKinnon and Clinton:  “Gay, gay, gay.”


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