House Minority Leader McCarthy Promises Accountability for Biden after GOP Retakes Majority


    Last week “Fox News Sunday,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) weighed in on Biden's poor polling results.

    McCarthy predicted that the GOP will take over the House and hold Biden's administration accountable for its “irresponsible” policies.

    “[T]he one thing you have to look at — why is the president's approval numbers are so low? It's the wasteful, irresponsible spending that has led to higher prices and inflation,” McCarthy stated. “It's the irresponsible actions of this president along the border that has led to an immigration and a fentanyl crisis. It's the irresponsible policies of this administration that has led to dangerous streets, ineffective schools, and that has got to stop. But it's got to be more than just to criticize them. What Americans want, need and deserve is a clear, common-sense alternative. And that is what is happening with the House Republicans. We will provide to the American public a commitment to America.”

    He added later “If you believe these irresponsible policies are wrong, you want a new direction, you want to hold this administration accountable, join with us, and we can hold this administration accountable and make the next century the American century.”


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