House Republicans Send Biden’s Education Secretary Letter Denouncing Proposed Title IX Changes


    A letter written by Oklahoma Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin to President Biden's Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona asserts that the proposed changes to the federal Title IX rules to protect gender identity would undermine the fair playing field that the rules were intended to establish.

    In the statement, Mullin noted that he along with 21 fellow House Republicans oppose the change to Title IX rules because “it would diminish the very protections on which the measure is based and erase the historic strides made by female athletes since its implementation 50 years ago.”

    “For the past five decades, Title IX has allowed countless women the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. Any changes to the definition of sex and gender under Title IX would dilute the protections that it offers and ultimately punish female athletes,” the letter stated. A new set of Title IX rules would entirely disqualify Title IX simultaneously, the Republicans declared. “When women are forced to compete against biological males, the level playing field that Title IX created is obsolete. In one year, 275 high school boys ran faster times than the lifetime best of World Champion sprinter Allyson Felix,” the document stated.

    The letter continued with other examples of men who claimed to be women destroying record-breaking sports records held by female athletes. “Earlier this year, Lia Thomas, University of Pennsylvania swimmer and biological male, won the NCAA D1 500-meter National Championship. In Connecticut, high school female runners filed a lawsuit against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference after being deprived of state titles and athletic opportunities by being forced to compete against two biologically male sprinters,” the group stated. “Your proposed changes to the Title IX rule would make this the norm and would fundamentally erode the very protections it was designed to provide.”

    The letter also stated that if Title IX were changed to require states to allow transgender athletes to compete against natural-born women, it could be in conflict with state laws that have been enacted to prohibit such practices. “Changing the definition of sex and gender under Title IX will reverse nearly 50 years of advancements for women. We urge you to stand up for women and not go through with this proposed change,” the letter concluded.


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