Hunter Biden’s Investment Firm has Wikipedia Entry Censored


    “Keeping it around additionally risks WP:BLPVIO, as this is a magnet for conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden,” the website said in its justification of the demise of Rosemont on Wikipedia.

    The change was created through “AlexEng,” who claimed Rosemont “is only mentioned in connection with its famous founders, Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz,” which means it can't be believed.

    AlexEng's Wikipedia page acknowledges that he is a victim of bias. “I always edit with the best intentions, but I sometimes make good faith mistakes,” his bio reads.

    “Occasionally, I may let bias seep into my work… Of course, everybody has implicit bias, and this list should not be considered exhaustive,” He writes. “This list should also not be used as ammunition in a content dispute, though I am quite sure somebody reading this will consider that option.”

    Rosemont Seneca Partners was also operated by Eric Schwerin, Hunter's business partner. Schwerin was welcomed by the White House a total of 19 times between 2009 and 2015 according to Obama's White House visitor logs, the New York Post reported Saturday.

    The connection that exists between Joe Biden and Schwerin directly opposes Joe Biden's assertions that the senator was not involved in the family's business. The Post's report provides a 12th time Joe Biden was involved in the family's business plan.


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