Hunter Biden’s “Pedo Peter” Contact Alias is Natalie Biden’s


    There doesn't appear to be any explanation as to the “Pedo Peter” monicker.

    Seventeen-year-old Natalie is one of the president’s seven grandchildren. Natalie is Hunter’s niece and is the child of Hunter's deceased brother Beau and his spouse Hallie, with whom Hunter became romantically engaged following Beau's passing.

    Natalie is well-known for her content on the Chinese-controlled Tiktok platform. According to Tiktok, Natalie has 101.8 million views on her videos.

    It was initially believed that the “Pedo Peter” phone number originated from Hunter's iPhone, however, Breitbart News's in-depth study on Hunter's digital footprint indicates that the alias for the contact actually originated from Hunter's iPad and seems to be the property of Joe Biden's grandchild, named Hunter. Joe Biden’s grandson Hunter is named after his son. Hunter has been identified as the son of Hallie.

    “I'm going to the boys b-ball game instead of practice because my teeth hurt so bad so that you don't haft to pick me up at 3:00,” one of the texts on the grandchild’s iPad reads to the contact with the name “mom.” The contact name “mom” matches Hallie’s phone number.

    Joe Biden's contact name listed on the iPad phone is “Pop Biden,” the iCloud backup indicates. There was speculation that the “Pedo Peter” contact alias was a reference to Joe Biden.

    The “Pedo Peter” contact alias first came to the forefront of news following an incident of hacking by 4chan users of Hunter Biden’s personal iCloud account last Sunday. Screenshots of the data leaked from iCloud exposed unproven notions of illicit relationships with prostitutes and drug possession.


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