“I Identify Her As First”: Social Media Users Congratulate Emma Weyant on Winning First Instead of Lia Thomas


    The University of Virginia’s (UVA’s) Swimming and Diving Twitter account tweeted congratulations to Emma Weyant,  a UVA student, whom it stated had won second place, with transgender competitor Lia Thomas finishing first. Weyant recorded the “third-fastest time in UVA history.” Weyant also received a silver medal at the Summer Olympics last year.

    Twitter users flooded the university with thousands of comments, many correcting UVA’s official account. They informed the school that Weyant had won first place among all the female competitors.

    One Twitter user said, “I identify her [as] first.”

    “Well done Emma for coming first,” commented a Twitter user.

    “First place,” another wrote.

    “Shame on Virginia Swimming. Your student athletes deserve your support. Say it! She was first,” another Twitter user responded.

    “Emma won 1st place. We ain't taking that s*** no longer,” another tweeted.

    Another Twitter user commented, “She took first. As a UVA graduate, I ask that you recognize this.”

    “She won. She won.”

    Another Twitter user confirmed that “she won first place.”

    “Congratulations @emmaweyant on your FIRST PLACE,” another Twitter user wrote.

    “I heard that she won first. Bravo, girl,” commented another .

    One Twitter user said that “she was [the] first place woman.”

    “Well done, Emma, for being the fastest female participant in the race,” another wrote.

    “It's [a] women's event. Emma won,” another tweeted.

    The Twitter jury has spoken!


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