Illegal Immigrants Get Free Healthcare When They Arrive in NYC


    The New York Post mentions that the city's hospital system held a special event for those who are crossing the border at one of the hospitals in the Bronx in which they were provided health services as well as free phones as well as food, library cards, and school equipment.

    The news is happening in the wake of mayor Eric Adams (D) estimating that over the last several weeks Abbott has bussed more than 4000 border crossers to New York City as part of his plan to reduce waves of illegal immigration into Texas by transferring immigrants to sanctuary cities that are run by Democrats.

    In addition to the free goodies from the city, thousands of border-crossers are expected to be accommodated in hotel rooms of the highest standard across Manhattan.

    Last week, Breitbart News reported that New York City officials are planning to accommodate border crossings traveling on migrant busses in around 6000 hotels. The plan is in response to the fact that the cost of rent in New York has gone up.

    Also, New York City Cardinal Timothy Dolan said Catholic Charities is seeking to enroll students who are border crossing in expensive Catholic schools.

    Illegal immigration is a huge cost to American taxpayers each year. Each year, taxpayers have to pay greater than $143 billion to cover the costs of up to 22 million illegal immigrants.


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