In Georgia, Police Arrest Couple on Suspicion of Murdering Their Infant by Alcohol Poisoning


    In Georgia, police accused the father of a four-week-old infant of spiking a baby bottle with alcohol, causing the baby’s death. In a statement released on April 14, the Paulding County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) announced it had arrested Sydnei Dunn, 24, and Maquis Colvin, 25, of Hiram, Georgia, on April 14 and charged both with murder by malice, a crime of the highest degree; second-degree murder; first-degree child cruelty, a felony; reckless behavior, a misdemeanor. Colvin is also facing charges of possession of a firearm as a convicted inmate who committed a parole violation, both felonies.

    In April, authorities of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) summoned deputies concerning a non-responsive infant who had been transferred to the hospital, the PCSO stated in the press release. “CHOA officials stated that the circumstances surrounding the child's condition did not make sense and sounded as if they needed to be looked into by law enforcement,” the PCSO declared.

    After the deputies arrived on the scene, they met with medical professionals prior to talking to the parents of the child, Sydnei Dunn and Maquis Colvin. Although Dunn suggested that the child might be suffering from alcohol poisoning as a result of breastfeeding, tests revealed the child had consumed a large amount of alcohol the previous night. The doctor “indicated that the child's father put alcohol in the baby's bottle,” according to the PCSO.

    The following day, police issued an order to search the couple’s basement apartment in Hiram. They found evidence, including guns, the PCSO said. Colvin was a convicted felon and not allowed to possess a firearm. Then the next day, the child died “as a result of its condition,” hospital officials stated, according to authorities. “Doctors further advised that the child had a quantity of alcohol in its system that was well over four times the legal limit for an adult,” the press release stated.

    Both parents are currently in the Paulding County Jail without bond and may be subject to additional charges, according to the office of the Sheriff.

    A neighbor who opted to remain anonymous described the death of the infant as “sickening” when speaking with WSB-TV. “I've never seen the baby, but my daughter did,” she told WSB-TV. “She just seen the mother bringing the baby carrier and putting it in the car.”

    The news outlet spoke with another unidentified neighbor who expressed concern over the children who reside in the Hiram house. “There's two other children that live on the main floor–makes me worry for their safety. This is going on in their basement?” A neighbor asked. “I mean, that's your child. It's just unheard of.”

    It is not clear what the relationship is between the murder suspects and those who reside in the living area above them.


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