In Wake of George Floyd Protest Response, Three Dallas Cops Arrested


    The grand jury has handed numerous indictments against 2 Dallas Police Department officers and an officer from the Garland Police Department, WFAA ABC8 reported. The two Dallas officers were arrested in February.

    A Dallas County grand jury indicted Dallas Senior Corporal Melvin Williams, and Senior Corporal Ryan Mabry — both who are part of the Dallas SWAT team. The indictment on Friday also included Garland Police Officer Joe Privitt.

    NBCDFW NBC5 says that Maybry is facing eight indictments, including six of them for aggravated assault on an employee of the public sector and two for committing a crime of violence. The charges add to three charges of official oppression that were indicted in February.

    Williams faces six counts, four of them for aggravated assault by a public official, and two for committing a crime of violence; these charges are on top of the two official charges of oppression that were announced in February.

    Officer Privitt is charged with a single count of aggravated assault against an official.

    Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia appeared to stand with his officers following the indictment and said:

    “I just hope that someone will see it through the eyes of officers in those chaotic scenarios. Was every situation perfect? Absolutely not, and there's nobody in the police department who managed protests who can say every action they took was flawless. But, I can assure that the intention of the police officers was to safeguard the city. I'm just not sure whether there was a criminal motive. We'll have to look into that.”

    Garland police Chief Jeff Bryan added, “In response, officers attempting to stop the rioting were often required to make split-second decisions under the most dangerous of circumstances to protect their lives and the lives and property of the citizens of Dallas, often placing themselves in harm's way while doing so.”

    Dallas Police Association President Michael Mata explained that officers were in a consistent manner with their instruction. “There's no way that you're going to get me to understand or even say that those officers went out there to intentionally cause, maim or injure people. That is not what they did out there,” Mata explained.


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