Interview with Jeff Brown Focuses on the Great Reset, Transhumanism and Much More


    In a recent interview with Breitbart News, Jeff Brown, a financial analyst and futurist and the founder of Brownstone Research, began by discussing the way in which America's desire to shift production and manufacturing to offshore locations is “the catalyst to feed globalization.” He also said that the pandemic had shown us that “things can fall apart really quickly,” which may be a positive as job re-shoring is gradually happening.

    Brown stated that former President Donald Trump “kicked into high gear” efforts to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. He also said that while President Joe Biden seems to be shifting jobs away from America, it's “now happening out of sheer necessity.”

    “In fact, the whole foreign direct investment and re-shoring, while it started from my perspective in 2010, it really kicked into high gear in 2016,” Brown explained. “And that's when President Trump obviously took office, and he put in place some very strong economic incentives for companies to bring manufacturing back onshore… But it's now happening out of sheer necessity. And it was eventually going to happen, but this whole pandemic has certainly acted as a catalyst to accelerate that trend.”

    Brown stated that the majority of products can be made on the shores of the United States in a way that is “far better for our environment.”

    Concerning the rise in gas prices as well as food shortages and the supply-chain problems, Brown declared that the supply-chain crisis “cannot be resolved in short order. “We've seen countries around the world stop exporting their food products because they know the shortages are coming so they have to keep their food production onshore,” Brown declared.

    Then, after host Alex Marlow discussed the commonalities between the World Economic Forum's (WEF’s) Great Reset, Biden's Build Back Better and the Democratic's Green New Deal, Brown declared that these have become “in a very frightening way very intertwined with each other.”

    Brown spoke about his concern about the World Economic Forum's promotion of transhumanism, even more than its plan for a Great Reset, which he called a major recalibration. “The one that has me even more concerned is this concept of transhumanism, which in the World Economic Forum has been discussed widely,” Brown stated.

    He said the concept of transhumanism “is really referring to the genetic modification, genetic editing of our DNA on a large scale, with the explicit purpose to monitor what's happening, both inside of our bodies, but also to obviously elicit certain traits in our own character, or physiology… What's frightening is that this is actually a very real and intentional discussion that's happening associated with this great reset,” said the author.

    The conversation then turned to inflation after Marlow asked Brown whether he had any hedges that he could suggest to people who are struggling with the rising cost of living. “Inflation is a monetary phenomenon. You're exactly right,” Brown declared. “This is entirely the result of Biden's monetary policies. What have we seen in the last 15 months? Roughly $5 trillion worth of printing. An extraordinary number by any accounts.”

    He said that gold might not be as reliable of an investment as it was during former President Barack Obama's administration. “It's just not reacting in the way that it used to.”

    He advised against keeping savings in an account with a bank. “The reality is that when we have seven and a half, eight percent inflation, and the average bank account is only yielding, you know, less than a fraction of a percent,” Brown explained, “then we're experiencing low real rates of interest, meaning that if we put money at the banks, the government will be confiscating seven or seven and a half percent of what we own, or of our savings in cash annually. So, it's not the most secure place to keep our money.”

    He highlighted the advantages of 30- and 20-year fixed loans as means to fight inflation. “And a 30-year fixed loan or a 20-year fixed loan is the greatest hedge that you can have against irresponsible monetary policy because you're paying back that loan with devalued dollars at the same nominal rate,” Brown stated.

    The midterm elections in November are an opportunity to allow America to shift its direction over the next two or three years, Brown noted. He observed that the immediate effects of Biden's economic policy would motivate Americans to the polls in November.

    “In terms of awareness, to use your words, a silver lining, the immediate impact of these egregious policies is so visible to everyone every day,” Brown declared. “It's not just our gas prices. It's literally our electricity prices, it's our costs for natural gas, it's our costs for heating oil. And certainly, the food prices have been soaring… And so I think we are empowered as citizens to make a choice in the upcoming midterm elections and then once again in 2024 [for the next president]. So I am encouraged by oddly enough how bad things have become so quickly because I'm hoping…that that will be a catalyst for change over the course of the next 24 to 36 months.”


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