Iowa’s Republican Challenger Zach Nunn Will Face Democratic Incumbent Cindy Axne for the Third Congressional District Seat in November


    Iowa Republican Zach Nunn won the Third Congressional District GOP primary. The Associated Press called the race for Nunn at 10:15 P.M. Eastern Time. The Republican nominee ran against Nicole Hasso and Garry Leffler in the primary. Nunn has been a U.S. Air Force officer as well as an Iowa state senator for the Fifteenth District since 2019. Nunn has made it clear that he's ready to be a winner in November versus Rep. Cindy Axne, who is a vulnerable Democrat in the national election and whose seat Republicans consider a potential easy pick-up.

    The Republican candidate enters the general election contest against Axne with cash in the amount of $223,290 on hand, whereas the Democrat holds $2,840,312.25 in the bank, as per their respective FEC (Federal Election Commission) reports. Furthermore, the non-partisan Cook Political Report rated the congressional district as a “toss-up,” meaning it could go in either direction.

    Nunn has claimed that Axne is loyal only to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and not to Iowans. He said he was “excited to go after one of Nancy Pelosi's most loyal liberal vote givers.” However, he also explained that he wished Axne “could be as loyal to Iowa as she is to the Speaker.”

    At the time, the candidate claimed to have a history of winning elections and defeating Democrats through the process. He said that his sights were now fixed on Congress and taking Axne's Third District seat. Prior to his run for Congress, the candidate flipped a state House seat as well as a state Senate seat from the Democrats, transforming two seats to red that Democrats had held for more than 60 years.

    Nunn declared, “We have a track record of success, we've been able to raise money, but most importantly, we're fighting for those kinds of key principles that, you know—Donald Trump talked about—standing up to countries like China, being able to be hard on folks who just want to cave to the woke left.”

    Republicans were overjoyed by Nunn's victory. “It's a bad day to be Cindy Axne,” Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann told the media. “While she stood by Joe Biden during the botched exit from Afghanistan, Zach Nunn worked to get Americans and our allies out.” Kaufmann added that Iowans were ready to take action and were fed up with Axne's bowing to Nancy Pelosi and with how she had executed Joe Biden's disastrous plan.

    According to Republicans, Iowans are not happy with the “two-faced” Cindy Axne, who is known for saying one thing but doing another. While they're struggling in Iowa, she travels to Washington, DC and votes 100 percent along with Nancy Pelosi. While Joe Biden has completely destroyed America’s economy, Cindy Axne has been at his side. Cindy has been his biggest supporter even as his policies have left mothers searching for baby formula and Iowans struggling to fill their tanks with gas and coping with record-breaking inflation.

    The contest will be watched closely by all across the nation and could determine the party that has control of the U.S. House. Iowan Republicans will work together to ensure that Zach Nunn is the winner in November.

    To congratulate Nunn, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) declared it an “impressive primary victory.” Emmer pointed out, “Zach's record of service offers a perfect contrast to Cindy Axne's corrupt record of illegally failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock trades. Additionally, Axne's support for Joe Biden's failed policies has left Iowans paying record prices for gas and groceries.”

    Dan Conston, the president of Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC supported by House Republican leadership, said, “Cindy Axne is painfully liberal and is far too extremist for Iowa on all issues. I am sure Iowans will elect Zach Nunn into Congress during November.”


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