Ironically, DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board Was Eliminated by “Disinformation,” According to Would-be Head Jankowicz


    Nina Jankowicz said on Wednesday’s MSNBC's “All In” that the Department of Homeland Security's Disinformation Governance Board was disbanded because of misinformation. Jankowicz was to be the leader of the board that has since been terminated.

    Jankowicz stated, “All these sensationalized narratives about what people thought the board was going to do was completely wrong. It was a coordinating mechanism. It was meant to make sure that the very large agency that is the Department of Homeland Security, that people were talking to each other within it. Let me give you an example, FEMA, the agency that handles disasters and environmental issues, would often encounter misinformation about natural disasters. Let's say an adversary like Iran or China would put out a false narrative like this is how you get out of the city, or this is where you can find disaster aid. That could put people really into danger, their lives into danger. That's the sort of disinformation and misinformation that we were looking to support the department in addressing, to make sure they had best practices, and most importantly, to protect Americans' freedom of speech, civil liberties, and privacy while we are doing all that work. So, every characterization of the board that you heard up until now has been incorrect, and frankly, it's kind of ironic that the board itself was taken over by disinformation when it was meant to fight it.”

    She added, “I've been a really nuanced, reasonable person, again, as I said, I briefed and advised both Republicans and Democrats. I admired some of steps even the Trump administration took to combat disinformation.”

    She continued, “To say that I am just a partisan actor [is] wildly out of context.”


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