Is Ricky Gervais Special Reason why Netflix Encouraged Woke Employees to Quit?


    Netflix's message for its employees to leave when they don't agree with its work was a sign that Netflix was shedding the shrewdness of its past to adopt an increasingly left-leaning method of operation. Some thought it was a signal of what was to come.

    The company was first able to stop a handful of its wake programs, specifically those directed at children.

    The memo from Netflix did not pertain to all shows, but rather specifically targeted at one show. It was from Ricky Gervais.

    Netflix was impressed by the enormous popularity from the Dave Chappelle specials and decided to launch the possibility of a Gervais show for their streaming services. According to sources, the comedy special is dubbed SuperNature and features humor that pokes fun at transgender individuals.

    Based on Brodigan on “Louder with Crowder”, SiriusXM host Sam Roberts had seen the show and was speculating that the memo was specifically focused on Gervais.

    Roberts declared, “One-hundred Percent of Netflix employees will get mad again.”

    Brodigan said that Eoin Higgins, who is a journalist for hire, was informed by Netflix that they were holding the special in their back pocket, but didn't release it because of the backlash from leftists. In the case of transgender jokes, this is believed to be even more offensive than the Chapelle special.

    Ricky Gervais has a new comedy special that will be released on Tuesday.

    It is reported that Netflix held off on it for months due to the virulent transphobic nature of it–much worse than Chappelle, but they decided to release it in fear of backlash from right-wingers.

    — eoin Higgins (@EoinHiggins_) May 21, 2022

    Higgins states that Netflix is scared from “right-wing backlash”, but this assertion isn't a reality. This is mostly due to the fact that the backlash isn't confined exclusively towards the left.

    Netflix found that the backlash of the left-wing was the same as an enraged Chihuahua. Many people enjoy a jolly laugh at sacred cows including those that are middle-left westerners. Netflix could learn from this. If the statement of Higgins holds true, Netflix should realize that they can earn more by being open to those with differing opinions and not shutting them out. The rage of radical leftists will not have much impact.

    Gervais has also become a star like no other. He was awarded his place at the Golden Globes with his speech. The award brought Gervais an instant household name for Americans frustrated by elitists who utilize the big stage to scream. The show also brought to mind the vital role comedy plays to keep civilization in check.

    The article “Could The New Ricky Gervais Special Explain the reason Netflix suggested that Woke employees Resign?” was first published via Conservative Research Group.


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