Israel Battling Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad


    On Monday, Israel detained a prominent PIJ head within the West Bank. As PIJ was preparing to strike Israel's Gaza border communities to retaliate, Israel launched airstrikes on Friday, killing PIJ chief Taysir al-Jabari. PIJ then launched hundreds of rockets at civilians in Israel.

    In the last 2 days, PIJ have fired around 600 rounds towards Israel in the past two days, which includes Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. From those, around 220 were able to reach civilian areas. Of those, around 97% of them were stopped through the Iron Dome system.

    The Israeli air strikes against PIJ areas in Gaza are reported to have been extremely effective, as part of the context of what Israel refers to as Operation Breaking Dawn. The Times of Israel reports that the Israeli military believes that they have eliminated the entire management of PIJ.

    There are no Israeli injuries, aside from injuries resulting from panic attacks or running to bomb shelters. On the other hand, about one in four PIJ rockets has failed to fire and ended up in Gaza itself and caused Palestinian deaths including children.

    Israel immediately responded to a Palestinian claim that it killed a number of children during the course of an airstrike inside Gaza by proving that the children were shot dead by the PIJ rocket that was misfired. International criticism of Israel has been minimal.

    As of now it appears that Hamas has not yet entered the fray. Hamas terror organization, which is in charge of Gaza is yet to join the fight. Egypt is believed to be in the process of brokering ceasefire talks with Israel as well as PIJ. If the war is resolved as it is then it would be a significant victory for Israel as well as a huge loss for PIJ and Iran.


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