“It was an accident,” Claims Man Who Allegedly Shot 84-Year-Old Pro-Life Advocate


    The Michigan man who allegedly shot an 84-year-old woman pro-life activist claims that he shot her accidentally after an intense debate.

    Breitbart News reported on Monday that Right to Life Michigan said in a press release the woman had been “shot in the back/shoulder while leaving a residence during a heated conversation, and that the man who shot her was not a part of her conversation.” The shooting is said to have happened the previous Tuesday.

    “The victim does not know the identity or motive of her shooter. The victim is still recovering from her gunshot wound and wishes to remain anonymous while the criminal investigation proceeds,” the release stated.

    “The case is being investigated by the Michigan State Police, who will forward the investigation’s results to the Ionia County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. We have no more details to release at this time,” it continued.

    Michigan State Police told Fox News that the woman was passing out pamphlets prior to the heated debate and shooting. The police confirmed she had been wounded in the shoulder, and she was discharged from the hospital after treatment. Her case is unresolved.

    “We’re glad the victim is recovering, and our volunteers will continue knocking doors on Proposal 3,”  Right to Life of Michigan official Chris Gast told Fox News.

    The man, who is now known as 74-year-old Richard Harvey, told the media earlier this week the gun was fired after the woman had been in a heated argument with his wife.

    “I came out and she (the volunteer) is screaming and having a great old time, and being told, I’m sure I heard at least a dozen times, ‘You’re trespassing, get off the property,’” he explained to WoodTV in a Tuesday interview.

    His wife, Sharon Harvey, said she started fighting with the victim about Proposal 3. It is a plan to “write a broad new right to ‘reproductive freedom’ into the Michigan Constitution, invaliding a 1931 abortion ban and potentially other existing regulations,” according to Bridge Michigan.

    “This lady comes up to me, knocks on my door, and says she's from some coalition to save women and babies,” Sharon Harvey said. “She needed me to vote no on Proposal 3.”

    “I told her I can’t do that and she says, ‘Well, you have to.’ I says, ‘No, I don’t. It’s not going to happen,’” Sharon added. “I told her I had a four-and-a-half month tubal pregnancy, and she says, ‘Well, you survived, didn’t you?’”

    Sharon claimed that the argument escalated from there, since the woman wouldn’t accept no as an answer.

    “She would not take the fact that I was going to vote yes on Proposal 3 as an answer,” she said. “She didn’t care. She didn’t care. I told her, I says, ‘Women are going to die. I nearly died.’ She says, ‘Well you didn’t, did you?’”

    “I says, ‘You need to go. Just go.’ She says, ‘Well, I have a right to be here.’ ‘No you don’t; you need to go. You need to go now. Get off my property,'” she added.

    The argument, according to reports, got “louder.” Sharon's husband came out of their barn with his .22 caliber rifle and took a warning shot at a tree.

    “She (the volunteer) is still ranting and raving and she’s got this clipboard. She’s waving it around. I’m thinking she’s going to smack Sharon with it. So without thinking, I went to club it away with the rifle and my finger was still in the trigger guard. It went off and hit her about in here,” he told reporters. 

    “I shot somebody. It was an accident,” the man said.

    Michigan State Police will be investigating the incident, while Ionia County Prosecutor Kyle Butler decides whether to pursue charges.

    Right to Life Michigan claims that the pro-life woman, who desires to remain anonymous at the moment, acted in a peaceful manner and was wounded in the back as she was walking away.

    “No one should fear violence while peacefully exercising their constitutionally protected right to free speech. The 84-year-old woman is hardly imposing, standing about 5-feet tall. The idea that shooting this woman is at all excusable is a dangerous claim for Americans across the country who engage in peaceful door-to-door canvassing,” the organization stated.

    The violent incident occurred as the pro-life community and clinics for crisis pregnancy have been repeatedly targeted by violence and vandalism following the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade this past June. The incident was described by Breitbart News’ Alex Marlow in his “Summer of Rage.” The Biden administration repeatedly did not respond to these threats:

    On June 25, 2022 alone, the day after Roe v. Wade was overturned, there were attacks on eight churches, eight pregnancy centers, and a government building.

    These attacks have generated minimal acknowledgment, much less a response, from the Biden administration and federal law enforcement, who steadfastly track—and prosecute—incidents targeting abortion providers.

    Radical pro-abortion activists like Ruth Sent Us routinely trade in anti-Christian rhetoric. Jane’s Revenge, which has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks nationwide, has repeatedly targeted church-affiliated pregnancy centers and churches. Ruth Sent Us, which made headlines organizing protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices, specifically targeted the “six extremist Catholics” on the Supreme Court (though Justice Gorsuch was raised Catholic, he is thought be a practicing Protestant). The group encouraged followers outside of the Washington, D.C., area to demonstrate “at or in a local Catholic Church.”

    As the elderly pro-life woman was recovering last week from the gunshot wound that she suffered while exercising her First Amendment rights, the FBI under direction from Merrick Garland's Department of Justice reportedly sent 25-30 armed officers to capture Catholic pro-life advocate Mark Houck for allegedly pushing a Planned Parenthood escort.


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