Joe Biden Alleges Lynching an Ongoing Issue as Signs Anti-Lynching Legislation


    “The same racial hatred that drove the mob to hang a noose brought that mob carrying torches out of the fields of Charlottesville just a few years ago,” President Joe Biden declared in reference to the protests of 2017. “Racial hate isn't an old problem. It's a persistent problem.”

    Biden proudly signed the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Bill into law on March 29, 2022, before making a speech about it. “No federal law prohibited lynching. None. Until today,” he exclaimed.

    Biden declared that between 1877 and 1950, more than 4,400 black people were killed through the lynching method. “That's a lot of folks, man, and a lot of silence for a long time,” the president declared.

    Vice-President Kamala Harris also spoke after Biden signed the bill, pointing out that legislation against lynching was first proposed in 1900 and was rejected several times prior to it finally being approved by Congress in 2022.

    “Lynching is and has always been a hate crime,” she stated, adding that “lynching is not a remnant from the past. Terrorist acts of violence against minorities continue to take place in our country, and, when they do, we all must be able to identify the perpetrators and hold those responsible accountable.”

    Harris honored a lengthy number of people who helped to get the bill passed across Congress and also talked about how important it is to have a black newspaper. “I'm going off-script for a moment about the importance of the black press. And the importance of making sure that we have the storytellers always in our community who we will support to tell the truth when no one else is willing to tell it.”

    Following Harris's speech, Biden came back to the podium to highlight that it was crucial to have a national law that prohibits the practice of lynching.

    “As someone once said, this is a big deal,” Biden stated with a chuckle, alluding to an old viral incident in which he called the passing of Obamacare as a “big fu**ing deal,” which was recorded on a live-streaming hot-mic.


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